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Hanson – Albion Valkyrie CX13 – DCX 886 – 236

Hanson - Albion Valkyrie CX13 - DCX 886 - 236
Photograph by ‘unknown’ if you took this photo please go to the copyright page.

Albion Valkyrie CX13
H.V. Burlingham B35F

Seen at the end of its days this Albion Valkyrie of the Huddersfield independent “Hanson” what a sad sight. The CX13 bus chassis was first built in 1937 production lasted three years to 1940 and then there was a gap of six years before starting production again in 1946. There are more pictures of this bus here scroll down about 25% it is ordered by registration.


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Old Bus Photos from Saturday 25th April 2009 to Wednesday 20th September 2017