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Marchwood Motorways – Bedford VAM5 – DOT 248D

DOT 248D

Marchwood Motorways (Totton)
Bedford VAM5
Plaxton C45F

DOT 248D is a Bedford VAM, bought new in 1966 by Marchwood Motorways of Totton, near Southampton (not TOTON, the great railway marshalling yard and depot in the Midlands!). The bodywork is by Plaxton. Like other members of the fleet bought new, she would have been on private hire and tours duties, before being relegated to staff bus duties at Fawley refinery. We see her in the depot yard on 9 April 1983. She isn’t a survivor.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

14/12/15 – 06:29

Marchwood also had a sizeable fleet in Pembrokeshire until about September 1981. These vehicles were mostly used in connection with the refineries at Milford Haven.When Marchwood decided to withdraw from the area some of the fleet stayed with Pembs operators. Five found a new home with Richards Brothers, Cardigan; they were all Bedford YRQs as follows FOU 217/8K (Viceroys) HPB 674N and TPX 332P "Dominant buses) and JDE 252L, a Dominant coach.

Les Dickinson

14/12/15 – 16:18

Thanks for that, Les. I have but a vague recollection that the Pembrokeshire operation was, legally at least, a separate company operated as a subsidiary, but I’m probably wrong.

Pete Davies

15/12/15 – 06:26

The FOU 217/7K Bedford YRQ’s were registered in Southampton.

Chris Hebbron

15/12/15 – 07:30

At the risk of being accused of nit-picking, Chris, OU was a Hampshire registration, not a Southampton one. Southampton used CR, OW and TR (until the reorganisation of local government in 1974, when DVLA was established and letters like AX, GM or JM moved from one end of the country to another).

Pete Davies

15/12/15 – 14:02

You’re right, of course, Pete; a senior moment, I’m afraid!

Chris Hebbron


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