Newcastle Corporation – Leyland Titan PD2 – NVK 304 – 304

Newcastle Corporation - Leyland Titan PD2 - NVK 304 - 304

Newcastle Corporation
Leyland Titan PD2/3
Leyland H30/26R

Another from Newcastle City Libraries archives. From the caption at the bottom, the location is West Clayton Street Newcastle, which is literally just round the corner from the Central Station. The date is 1952; the buses are lined up ready to depart for Gosforth Park Racecourse, about three miles north of the City. I suspect it would be on the day of the Northumberland Plate, know as the Pitman’s Derby, this race meeting always attracts huge crowds, and is run on the last Saturday in June. An interesting line up, headed by an all Leyland Titan PD2/3 from 1950, NVK 304; then two MCCW bodied Daimlers, the one in front is one of the 1947/8 KVK registered CV6G series, the second could be from the same batch, or it could be a 1938 FVK registered CW5G. Next in line, looks like a 1947/8 Roe bodied Daimler CV6G, they were also KVK registrations. Looking at the outward swoop of the lower body panels, my guess would be that number five is a 1946 Weymann bodied AEC Regent II. I can’t make out enough detail to have a stab at the rest.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ronnie Hoye


Glasgow Corporation – BUT 9613T – FYS 861 – TB100

Glasgow Corporation - BUT 9613T - FYS 861 - TB100

Glasgow Corporation
BUT 9613T
Crossley H37/34R

Taken in the summer of 1966 less than a year before the closure of the Glasgow trolleybus system in May 1967 this photo shows TB100 registration FYS 861 which was a BUT 9613T fitted with a Crossley H37/34R body. The shot was taken in George Square in the city centre, although not in pristine condition it still looked a very elegant vehicle with it’s wide cream band between decks with green lower deck window surrounds plus black mudguards markedly improving the livery compared to the bus livery of the time which had only a very narrow cream band above the lower deck windows and orange to that band.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Diesel Dave


London Transport – AEC Regal IV – MLL 971 – RF 334

London Transport - AEC Regal IV - MLL 971 - RF 334

London Transport
AEC Regal IV

Here is another of the Uxbridge allocated RF buses, seen in the summer sun of 1971, the year in which UX garage saw the welcome return of these stalwart performers, having lost them previously in 1962 in favour of RT double deckers. RF 334, MLL 971 stands at Heathrow Central on route 223, in the close company of RT 4182, LYF 241, on route 140. I know not the identity of the bohemian gentleman who seems to be reflecting upon the sanity of someone wishing to photograph a bus. Tillingbourne operated five ex London Country RF buses between 1971 and 1973, RFs 233, 254, 595, 680 and 699, and these I drove at weekends. Acceleration from rest in second gear was rather sedate, and the cab was a bit restricted (the RF was 7ft 6ins wide) but the vehicle felt like a true thoroughbred. The RT and RM families suffered the derating of their engines to 115 bhp, but I believe that the RF retained full engine power, which, in the case of the 9.6 litre horizontal A219, was 120 bhp.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Roger Cox

11/12/14 – 06:39

I was once told by the owner of a preserved RF that, according to the drawings in his possession, they are actually only 7ft 4ins wide.

Peter Williamson


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