Safeguard – AEC Reliance – 5389 PL

5389 PL

Safeguard Coaches (Guildford)
AEC Reliance 2MU3RV
Willowbrook B45F

In October 1962, AEC Reliance 200 APB (Safeguard – AEC Reliance – 200 APB) was despatched to Safeway of South Pertherton, Somerset, and replaced by Willowbrook B45F bodied Reliance 5389 PL. The firm still runs a bidirectional circular service in Guildford which is a development of the Westborough service on which 5389 PL is seen operating in 1967.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Roger Cox

31/10/22 – 07:32

200 APB returned to Safeguard and has become their signature preserved bus which they roll out for service on significant occasions.

John Lomas


Alpine Travel – Leyland Tiger Cub – WND 477

Alpine Travel - Leyland Tiger Cub - WND 477

Alpine Travel
Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2
Duple Britannia C41F

Photographed in Llandudno some ten years ago is this Hughes Bros Alpine Tours Tiger Cub WND 477, which started life in August 1958 with Spencer Tours of Manchester. This firm merged with Smiths of Wigan which later became part of Shearings. On my several visits to Llandudno over past years it has always been this coach waiting in readiness for its Great Orme trip, and I have never encountered its fellow Tiger Cub BCJ 710B with Harrington Grenadier C45F coachwork of July 1964.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Roger Cox


Demonstrator – Daimler Roadliner – KKV 800G

Daimler Transport Vehicles - Daimler Roadliner - KKV 800G

Daimler Transport Vehicles
Daimler Roadliner SRC6/SRP8
Plaxton DP53F

The rear engined Daimler Roadliner powered by the compact and powerful Cummins V6-200 emerged in 1964, but production did not really get under way until 1966, with West Riding, Black & White and Potteries being early users of the type. Reliability problems with the engine and toggle link suspension soon became apparent, and operators began cancelling their orders in the light of service experience. In May 1968 Daimler became part of the British Leyland Motor Corporation, and the Roadliner was offered with the option of the Perkins V8-510 engine with hopes of improved reliability. A new Plaxton bodied Roadliner demonstrator, KKV 800G, still with the troublesome Cummins engine, was built in August 1968. This bus subsequently received the Perkins 8 cylinder power unit, probably before its appearance as shown in the Demonstration Park at the 1968 Olympia show. The Perkins option did not save the Roadliner and only some 33 SRP8 examples were built. KKV 800G subsequently entered the City of Oxford fleet in 1970 as number 639.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Roger Cox


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