W J O Jennings – Bedford SB5 – CCV 166C

W J O Jennings - Bedford SB5 - CCV 166C
Copyright Unknown

W J O Jennings
Bedford SB5
Duple C41F

Here we  can see CCV 166C, a Bedford SB5 with Duple C41F body (1183/193) that was new in May 1965 together with 181 ECV, a Bedford SB1 with Duple Super Vega C41F (1105/440) new in June 1959, in the delightful orange and cream of Jennings of Bude, Cornwall. Presumably, the Duple Viceroy behind is also Jennings, and presumably also bought new. A great period picture of unknown copyright.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Les Dickinson

29/01/15 – 07:17

A lovely photograph of two nice Bedford Duple coaches. I have always thought that the Bedford SB – Duple Bella Vega was a classic design, although often overlooked by enthusiasts. It was interesting that a matching range of designs was built for the Bedford VAS (Bella Vista), SB (Bella Vega), VAM (Bella Venture) and VAL (Vega Major). The same body if fitted to a Thames Trader was known as the Trooper. Jennings eventually took over Western National’s Bude Depot and it’s services.

Don McKeown

29/01/15 – 07:18

It is probable that the third coach is RAF102G, a Bedford VAL with Duple Northern C53F body, new to WJO Jennings in March 1969. Although there were several Duple bodies delivered during the late 60s and early 70s, it is the position of the emergency exit door that indicates it was the VAL.

John Grigg


Sheffield Corporation – AEC Regent III – LWB749 – 249

Sheffield Corporation - AEC Regent III - LWB749 - 249

Sheffield Corporation
AEC Regent III 9612E
Craven H30/26R

A pair of withdrawn Craven bodied Regent III are evident in this picture taken on the parking area behind East Bank Garage in May 1966. Further along the row is another one with the front number plate in the raised position (presumably to reduce accidental damage). The next in line to the Cravens pair is 431, a 1950 Northern Coachbuilders bodied Regent III, note a similar bus just visible at the extreme right contrasting the grey and cream painted roofs. The same applies to the two all Leyland PD2/1 that can be seen. This area was the gathering ground for withdrawn buses pending being towed away by one of the Barnsley scrap dealers.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ian Wild

25/01/15 – 10:57

Thanks for posting this gem Ian. As a boy, I would cycle from Birley to see the latest line-up on the roof of Eastbank garage (the journey back up could be a challenge). I’m surprised to see that the fleet numbers have not been blacked out in the traditional fashion. Any chance of a larger picture?

Les Dickinson

25/01/15 – 10:57

There is larger shot at this link.


25/01/15 – 17:39

Les, I suspect these had only recently been withdrawn. May 1966 would have been when large numbers of Atlantean PDR1/2 with Park Royal or Neepsend bodies were entering service. To the best of my knowledge fleet numbers etc were always painted out prior to collection for scrap.
Cycling up East bank Road?? No thank you!

Ian Wild

31/01/15 – 06:30

LWB 831

The very handsome locally built Cravens Regents were well thought of in Sheffield with some giving 18 years service in the city. Here’s 231 of the 1949 delivery looking splendid when new in the manufacturer’s official photo.

John Darwent


East Kent – Ford Thames 570E – TJG 440

East Kent - Ford Thames 570E - TJG 440

East Kent Road Car Co Ltd
Ford Thames 570E
Harrington Crusader Mk1 C41F

East Kent Road Car Co Ltd. bought this smart unique vehicle into the fleet at the start of the 1960’s, this was a common sight with the coach touring fleets around the country but for East Kent, this was a one off. A Ford Thames Trader 570E #510E34629 with Harrington #2147 C41F body was new in January 1960 to supplement and update its excursion fleet (1xBedford OB; OKE 470 & 2x Bedford SB; GFN 600/1) on the Isle of Thanet, but this work began to wain and TJG 440 found itself regularly working the express runs to London. This vehicle was an elegant looking coach and stood out against the regular "boxlike" London express vehicles of the TFN & WFN batches which East Kent used at the time. This view taken in the works section at the back of Westwood depot, in pristine condition and ready for another excursion around the countryside depicted in "The Darling Buds of May", the Garden of England.
What other rare, unusual or odd looking pictures of PSV’s do you have out there, I look forward to seeing some more very special photos.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ron Mesure

26/01/15 – 06:31

This is certainly an interesting variation, Ron, of the ‘normal’ Cavalier body. I’ve never seen one like this, with a gentle slope forward of the emergency door.

Chris Hebbron


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