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Tanner’s Services – Bedford OB – HOT 339

Tanner’s Services - Bedford OB - HOT 339

Tanner’s Services (Banbury)
Bedford OB
Duple C27F

Here is another example of the Bedford OB with Duple C27F bodywork. Seen here in the livery of Tanner’s Services of Banbury, she was new in 1950 to the fleet of Grace, Alresford – the town at the ‘country’ end of the Mid Hants line. She’s seen here in the St Catherine’s park and ride car park in Winchester for the King Alfred Running Day on 1 January 2009.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

14/04/17 – 07:46

HOT 339, was owned by a couple of old friends of mine in Sutton Surrey. We took seats out so when we went on holiday in it we could sleep on the floor! That was in late 60s/early 70s. Coach was in Brown Motor Services livery!


15/04/17 – 07:49

The Mid Hants line between Alton and Winchester was regrettably and foolishly closed by British Rail in 1972, by which time it was worked by the SR "Thumper" DEMUs. I travelled on it very many times. The Alton -Alresford section is now the preserved Watercress Line. This OB was new to Grace in 1950, but, in 1952, it was purchased by A. T. Brady of Forest Green, t/a Brown Motor Services. When Brady retired in October 1970, the entire Brown Motor Services fleet and route network passed to J. D. Wylde’s North Downs Rural Transport. I worked for this operator at weekends away from my LCBS desk, in the course of which I drove HOT 339 a number of times. North Downs collapsed in the Spring of 1972, the fleet, by then consisting mostly of Albion Nimbus and Bristol LS types, was dispersed far and wide.

Roger Cox


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