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W J O Jennings – Bedford SB5 – CCV 166C

W J O Jennings - Bedford SB5 - CCV 166C
Copyright Unknown

W J O Jennings
Bedford SB5
Duple C41F

Here we  can see CCV 166C, a Bedford SB5 with Duple C41F body (1183/193) that was new in May 1965 together with 181 ECV, a Bedford SB1 with Duple Super Vega C41F (1105/440) new in June 1959, in the delightful orange and cream of Jennings of Bude, Cornwall. Presumably, the Duple Viceroy behind is also Jennings, and presumably also bought new. A great period picture of unknown copyright.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Les Dickinson

29/01/15 – 07:17

A lovely photograph of two nice Bedford Duple coaches. I have always thought that the Bedford SB – Duple Bella Vega was a classic design, although often overlooked by enthusiasts. It was interesting that a matching range of designs was built for the Bedford VAS (Bella Vista), SB (Bella Vega), VAM (Bella Venture) and VAL (Vega Major). The same body if fitted to a Thames Trader was known as the Trooper. Jennings eventually took over Western National’s Bude Depot and it’s services.

Don McKeown

29/01/15 – 07:18

It is probable that the third coach is RAF102G, a Bedford VAL with Duple Northern C53F body, new to WJO Jennings in March 1969. Although there were several Duple bodies delivered during the late 60s and early 70s, it is the position of the emergency exit door that indicates it was the VAL.

John Grigg

02/10/16 – 05:41

It is a VAL definitely as the wheel arch is level with the stainless steel side trim, on a VAM or YRQ the arch goes much higher up into the next panel.

Russell Price

04/10/16 – 05:25

181 ECV survives in preservation with Ron Greet. But CCV 166C is not known to survive, last tax expired 1/10/89

John Wakefield


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