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East Ham Borough Council – Bedford OB – EHV 65

East Ham Borough Council - Bedford OB - EHV 65

East Ham Borough Council
Bedford OB
Duple B29F

Here is a view of EHV 65. This Bedford OB was new in 1951 to the Education Department of East Ham Borough Council. She has Duple B29F and is seen here in Hants & Sussex livery during the King Alfred Running Day in Winchester on 1 January 1996. So far as I can gather, she was never a PSV and never operated for Hants & Sussex, but others may know something I’m missing!

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

30/01/14 – 06:35

But whatever the history, she looks rather splendid in your photo, Pete.

David Oldfield

30/01/14 – 06:35

Hants and Sussex in all its many company guises certainly operated a great many 29 seat Duple bodied Bedford OBs, but this was not one of them. As I recall, the front wings and rear mudguards should be maroon to be an accurate representation of the Hants and Sussex livery, unless my high mileage memory is (yet again) playing tricks.

Roger Cox

30/01/14 – 15:40

Thanks, gents!

Pete Davies

02/02/14 – 15:59

EHV 65 was as you say new to East Ham BC, and when bought for preservation by Cliff Burgess and Clive Wilkin the decision was taken to present it as a Hants & Sussex bus as none survived from the original H & S fleet. It is kept at the City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot, either at Portchester or East Meon.

Mr Anon


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