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Berrys Coaches – Bedford SB – 107 GYC

Berrys Coaches - Bedford SB - 107 GYC

Berrys Coaches (Taunton)
Bedford SB3
Duple C41F

107 GYC is a Bedford SB3 with Duple C41F body, new to Bowerman, Taunton, in 1960. In this view, it is in Lodmoor Car Park, Weymouth, showing ‘Berrys’ in the indicator box and visiting the annual rally, although it doesn’t appear to be taking part in it. I have recollections of submitting this in the past, but it hasn’t been published (possibly as too dark) but I have a new editor now, and I’ve managed to lighten it! The date is 1 July 1979.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

22/01/17 – 13:03

107 GYC_2
(pic by ‘Showtrac’ via Flickr).

Bedford SB3 Duple Super Vega, 107 GYC passed to Andrew Hall, Winkhill by 1997 & then to current owner Roger Chambers of Bristol for preservation in 9/05, pic taken just prior to the move to Roger Chambers.

108 GYC

Sister vehicle 108 GYC also new to Bowerman, was last known with Redwoods of Hemyock. My pic shows it withdrawn in a barn at the rear of Brian Redwood’s bungalow in April 2004. Is it still there?
Both coaches had 7ft 6in wide bodies for the narrow Devon lanes.

John Wakefield

23/01/17 – 07:36

What a superb preservation of a grand unpretentious vehicle. My admiration of Bedford/Duple coaches knows no bounds – they "did what it says on the tin" and grand style and with no empty embellishments.

Chris Youhill

26/01/17 – 10:28

I have recently spoken to Redwoods & they still have 108 GYC in the shed as in my pic above. They have no plans to sell it at this time.

John Wakefield

28/04/18 – 07:47

That SB showing Doone Valley may have been ridden in by me, as it was a regular summer afternoon ride on Berrys from Taunton, including up Porlock Hill, along the narrow lanes to the Doone Valley Farm for tea, then Lynmouth (adults into the pub), and home immediately up Countisbury Hill.
The old Bedfords just engaged bottom gear and wound up the A39 1 in 4 gradients. It was a bit difficult for the cars behind on the steep hills who couldn’t quite manage the slow walking pace on the uphill.



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