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Booth & Fisher – Bedford OB – MNU 80

Booth & Fisher - Bedford OB - MNU 80

Booth & Fisher
Bedford OB
Allsop C29F

Boothies ran a wonderful eclectic collection of O type Bedfords built by a range of different firms. MNU 80 is an example of less common Allsop bodywork, and is seen, I think, outside Sheffield’s Midland Station.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Les Dickinson

30/11/12 – 07:49

MNU is a Derbyshire registration from 1948. I suppose it would have been new to B&F.

Geoff Kerr

30/11/12 – 13:32

According to the Booth and Fisher fleet history on the Peter Gould site, this vehicle is described as C29F. The vehicle was new in 1948 and withdrawn in 1968. The location is Sheffield Midland Station and the vehicle would probably be operating on hire to British Railways to ferry train crew etc to Tinsley or other locations in the Sheffield area.

Stephen Bloomfield

Thanks Stephen ?s corrected

01/12/12 – 07:33

Greyhound (Alexander) used to have that contract I think, but not sure if that was before, or after, Boothies. Thanks for the info.

Les Dickinson

01/12/12 – 11:49

East Midland and Sheffield United Tours also operated this contract. For a time in late 1968 BR ran ex Mansfield District AEC Regal KRR 261 operated the service. It was still in green and cream but carried the BR double arrow symbol. See previous discussion on this site re this operation

Stephen Bloomfield

02/12/12 – 07:26

Fascinating stuff! Does anyone have details of who had contract year by year? It obviously got shared around a bit over the years.

Les Dickinson

13/07/13 – 08:00

Where were Allsop bodies built and what was the full title of the company, any one please?

Mike Holloway

03/10/13 – 08:44

The following site gives a tiny amount of information about Allsop (about two thirds of the way down):- http://nonsequitur.freeforums.org  
Thomas Allsop Ltd., Penistone Road North, Sheffield, Yorks., active from 1926 to 1949.

Roger Cox

03/10/13 – 14:32

It would be interesting to know what their production amounted to during their active years. They bodied two Daimler CVD6 coaches for Trumans of Shirebrook in 1947 (LRA 558/9) which were quite attractive and I seem to recall a former employee of Naylors of South Normanton telling me that Allsop’s carried out some refurbishment work for them on their pre-war coaches after WW2.

Chris Barker

04/10/13 – 15:07

Booth & Fisher used to run to Coal Aston via Brammall Lane. They went to Meadowhead, took a left then right down Dyche lane to Coal Aston. All very countrified in the 50s & early 60s. I remember this coach. They sometimes ran a bus type bodywork, with the emergency door at the rear. I do not know where their stand was in town, but maybe it was just outside the main bus station, being a small operator.

Andy Fisher

04/10/13 – 17:16

Whilst ever Halfway was in Derbyshire and Booth & Fisher were independent, they were condemned to outer darkness. Their stop was on Ellin Street, off Eyre Street, off the bottom of the Moor. Nowhere near Pond Street bus station.

David Oldfield

08/10/13 – 07:46

Just searching through views on the Stilltime Collection recently referred to on this site, I found a picture of sister Booth & Fisher Bedford, MNU 79 together with Royal Tiger SNU 435. I just entered Derby and Bus and it was on the last page of thumbnails.

Chris Barker

03/02/14 – 07:27

It’s Thomas Allsop Ltd (only one P)! I should know as it was my great grandads business! I don’t know a great deal about it, but my uncle knows a bit. I have a picture of an old vehicle (pick up truck with solid rear wheels) that was sign written at Matthew Street Sheffield. They then started at Penistone Road and was in partnership with a guy called Kitson?

Neil Allsop

03/02/14 – 08:24

Great to hear from a direct descendant Neil. I have seen in some of the PSV Circle listings that historically, many vehicles went to Allsop, Sheffield for scrapping. Do you know if that is the same business, or a related business, as your Great-Grandad as an operator? Would really like to know more about the company if you learn any more from your uncle. I wonder if the Kitson was the one that was a founder-member of the firm that eventually became Sheffield United Tours?

Les Dickinson


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Provincial – Guy Arab III – HWO 344 – T1

Provincial - Guy Arab III - HWO 344
Copyright Pete Davies

Provincial (Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co)
Guy Arab III
Duple L27/26RD

HWO 344 was a 1949 Guy Arab III with Duple L53RD body, in the fleet of Provincial, Gosport & Fareham. She’s been relegated to duty as a training vehicle and is seen outside the Hants & Dorset depot in Southampton on the same dull lunchtime as my view of the Southern Vectis Bristol Lodekka KDL 414 in March 1974, which was published a few weeks ago. She is an exile from Red & White (L1949 in their fleet) and is of course a sister vehicle to L1749 which features in the excellent ‘Gallery’ by Ken Morgan titled Red and White Guy L1749.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies


29/11/12 – 07:41

HWO 344_lr_2
Copyright Diesel Dave

I was pleasantly surprised to see the photo of the Provincial Duple bodied Guy Arab III trainer T1 as I had recently been looking through some of my old photos which included a photo of the same bus taken in the early 70’s at the Provincial Hoeford garage.

Diesel Dave


29/11/12 – 10:08

Nice view, Dave! Brighter than mine, of course, since it was taken in sunshine. It’s always seemed a pity to me that there is no fleet name on the side of the vehicle.

Pete Davies


29/11/12 – 11:09

It did have its own identity, though; the minute T1 amidst the signs! I wonder how many trainers they had.

Chris Hebbron


29/11/12 – 16:12

Chris, so far as I am aware, there’s only ever been one trainer in use at a time. The last I recall seeing was a Bristol FLF (EMR 295D) ex Wilts & Dorset, and it didn’t seem to have a T prefix to the fleet number. It did, however, have the Provincial fleet name in NBC style.

Pete Davies


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Yeomans of Canon Pyon – Daimler CVA6 – FVJ 363 – 70

 Yeomans of Canon Pyon – Daimler CVD6 – FVJ 363 – 70
Copyright Routeman/Pete

Yeomans of Canon Pyon, Hereford
Daimler CVA6
Welsh Metal Industries L57RD

Here’s a piece of personal history. Chrome-radiatored 1948 Daimler CVA6, with a stylish Welsh Metal Industries L57RD body. No. 70 was operated from new, lasting in service from December 1948 to December 1957. One of a pair, the other one was No. 71 (FVJ 364), which I never saw. Looking fairly new, but near the end of its life, it’s outside RAF Creden Hill, Hereford, where I was stationed for three months in mid-1956. Note the tree damage to the front dome. You can see the shiny pre-selective gear lever below the steering wheel. It had no gate, merely sliding forwards/backwards, gears indicated as RN1234, like the maker’s cars of the day. Having grown up in Daimlerland, South-West London, I was entirely at home re-living old memories on the varied Yeomans Daimler CW/CV fleet, which included some austerity models.
Yeomans still exist, for a while named Yeomans Canyon Travel and now simply Yeoman’s Travel. They gave up their stage services a long time ago. As for the bodybuilders: Welsh Metal Industries, of Caerphilly, was created for aircraft production purposes during WWII, but, once peacetime came, there was a need to produce something else. Like some other former aircraft manufacturers, they turned to FVJ 363_cu_lrbus bodywork and did good trade for a while, so desperate was the need for new vehicles. Building on past experience, the WMI body was radically different in its substantial use of aluminium, resulting in a very light structure. The bodies, however, were somewhat fragile, with horror stories of windows falling out and beading strips flapping around in the breeze! I don’t recall any creaks or groans with this one, but perhaps the body had been completely rebuilt by then.
Note the large number of obtrusive rivets/screws!

Photograph and Copy contributed by Chris Hebbron

A full list of Daimler codes can be seen here.


25/11/12 – 08:29

That front dome – damaged or not – reminds me of Northern Counties or Weymann styling. What livery did the operator use in those days?

Pete Davies


25/11/12 – 11:18

Dark Green and Cream, Pete.

Chris Hebbron


25/11/12 – 16:35

Thanks, Chris.

Pete Davies


26/11/12 – 08:48

The seating capacity seems rather high for a 1948 lowbridge decker. Most, of that period seem to have been L53R. I wonder if there was an additional row on the top deck or if a couple more pairs had been fitted on the lower deck. There couldn’t have been much legroom wherever they were squeezed in!

Chris Barker


26/11/12 – 08:49

Far from having "given up their stage services long ago" Yeomans Travel (note: Yeomans not "Yeoman’s" (the family name is "Yeomans") the company still runs a wide range of local bus services based on Hereford and with its associated Leominster-based Lugg Valley Travel is the biggest LBS operator in Herefordshire.

Jim Davies


26/11/12 – 13:48

I was wondering about the seating. I have been trying to work out if the cab has been shortened to increase seating. It seems to require an athletic user, anyway: possibly the door is open, like the window vents for a hot day. The step seems to start well up: the driver seems to have this big upward step and then an unassisted leap forwards and upwards. There seems nothing to assist him. Do some have more of a panel behind the door? If you push the driver forward, then can you push the upstairs front bench seat forward too? Perhaps in that rural part of the world, they employed ex jockeys to drive?



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