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Chesterfield Corporation – Crossley SD42/7 – NRA 701 – 1

Chesterfield Corporation - Crossley SD42/7 - NRA 701 - 1

Chesterfield Corporation
Crossley SD42/7
Crossley B35R

There is just the rear three windows showing of a Crossley bodied vehicle on the Chesterfield ex London Transport Reliance posting elsewhere on this site. There is also a deal of discussion as to whether it is on a Leyland or Crossley chassis, well there is no problem identifying the shot above, it is definitely a Crossley. Number 1 in the Chesterfield fleet this batch of Crossley bodies differed from previous batches by having the route number displayed with the destination, which had not been done since the 1920’s. I’m not normally a fan of green liveries, however, the rich dark green and cream of Chesterfield would certainly be an exception. In this picture the driver has opted for some old-fashioned ‘air conditioning’. Here is a link to view the ex London Transport Reliance posting.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Les Dickinson

26/02/13 – 15:29

Remember them well, but never rode on them. Brought up, literally, yards from the Derbyshire border, I am strictly (and proudly) a Yorkshireman/Sheffielder but consider myself and Peak Districter and Chesterfield was almost as near as the city centre and therefore a place held in great affection – as was, Les, the green and cream livery. [Must admit I remember the Leyland and Daimler deckers and the later Reliance, Panther and Roadliners better.]

David Oldfield

26/02/13 – 15:29

Nice view, Les! I suppose your liking or not of a green livery would depend on the shade of green and the balance of green and cream. Certainly, the Southdown and Morecambe & Heysham arrangements (before the latter introduced the hideous two tone green) appear to be well liked among members of this forum. NBC green is another matter!

Pete Davies

27/02/13 – 06:10


This is the view of a Crossley no car driver wants to see.

Ken Wragg

27/02/13 – 08:46

The Austin 8 driver seems bemused! Lovely character photo.
I wonder why Crossley used Iron Crosses sometimes, on the radiator, instead of the name. It seemed quite random. On a Portsmouth delivery, there were both styles.

Chris Hebbron

27/02/13 – 10:57

As I understood it, Crossley used its trademark Maltese Cross until the take over by AEC when the ACV group replaced it with the Crossley name

Phil Blinkhorn

27/02/13 – 11:42

Sorry to be picky, and I may be wrong, but isn’t the car in the collision photo an Austin 10/4 rather than an Eight ? I seem to recall that the Eight had a window line that dropped toward the rear, and always had the postwar style grille with V-front and horizontal bars, even on the prewar examples.

John Stringer

28/02/13 – 05:59

No, John. It’s an Austin 9 now!

Pete Davies

28/02/13 – 06:01

Quite right, John, I should have got it right first time, since my next-door neighbour had an 8.
Thx for the explanation about the Cross/CROSSLEY aspect, Phil.

Chris Hebbron

30/12/13 – 14:00

I remember the Crossleys well,both single and double dockers. I always thought they were slow and noisy. The Leylands and Guys were much better.

John Miles


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Premier Travel – Leyland Titan PD2 – DCK 212

Premier Travel - Leyland Titan PD2 - DCK 212
Copyright John Stringer

Premier Travel (Cambridge)
Leyland Titan PD2/3
East Lancs. FL27/26RD

Photographed in Drummer Street, Cambridge in 1970, this was one of eleven former Ribble ‘White Lady’ PD2’s, new in 1950 and purchased by Premier Travel in 1962. Around the same time that Ribble were taking delivery of these, Premier Travel had taken into its fleet three Daimler CVD6’s with uncommon Wilkes & Meade full-fronted double-deck coach type bodies with front ends and other styling features clearly influenced by the Ribble vehicles. The Daimlers were not a success and did not have long lives, but clearly still impressed with the White Lady styling PT’s management seem to have jumped at the chance of grabbing as many as possible when they came onto the second hand market. This one was withdrawn in 1972.

Photograph and Copy contributed by John Stringer

A full list of Titan codes can be seen here.

24/02/13 – 09:54

Thanks for posting, John. I have photos of others of this batch and find it to be an unusual – if not unique – way of using the Ribble ‘square triangle’ indicator display.

Pete Davies

24/02/13 – 12:39

Here is a photo of one of the Daimler CVD6/Wilkes & Meade vehicles. 
See: this link.

Chris Hebbron

25/02/13 – 07:19

The three Wilks and Meade (there is no ‘e’ in Wilks) bodied Daimler CVD6 "County" class double deck coaches, were delivered in 1950 and withdrawn in 1964 (HVE 401) and 1966 (HVE 402/3). The Ribble White Ladies arrived in January 1962, and thus ran alongside the CVDs only for a maximum of four years. The Wilks and Meade bodies on the Daimlers were of very poor quality, and had to be extensively rebuilt using new framing by Premier Travel in its own workshops. The Leylands and their East Lancs bodies were much better buses, and lasted with Premier for eight to eleven years. Paul Carter’s book on Premier Travel (Capital Transport) is the comprehensive history for anyone interested in this operator.

Roger Cox

25/02/13 – 07:22

As Roger Cox has correctly pointed out on the page on this very forum devoted to the bodybuilder Wilks & Meade, that is the correct spelling, rather than the much more frequently quoted Wilkes & Meade. If in doubt, refer to the OBP page devoted to Wallace Arnold – the evidence is there for all to see, in glorious black & white!

David Call

28/07/14 – 07:53

In the background can be seen one of Primitive Travel’s, sorry – Premier Travel’s, ex Devon General AEC Reliance buses (VDV xxx). These were acquired during 1970, so this and the presence of the ECOC LKH dates the picture to no earlier then the summer (note the leafy trees) of 1970 and no later than 1972* when DCK 212 went to Wally Smith’s scrapyard at Thriplow.
*The LKH is almost certainly 168 as by this time it was one of just two surviving K’s in Cambridge; the other, 269, bore adverts between decks whereas 168 didn’t towards the end. But whether 168 or 269, the final demise of the Cambridge K’s narrows the date of the picture down to 1970-71.
On the Wilks & Meade bodies, the problem was the use of unseasoned timber in their construction. This was a common problem in the early postwar years and by no means confined to PT’s Daimlers.
One of the three PT Daimlers, HVE 401 "County of Cambridge" spent many years after withdrawal quietly decomposing at the rear of PT’s Godmanchester depot. It was later kept company by one of the ex LT RF’s and a Burlingham Seagull coach.
The nameplate from HVE 401 (these were small ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ things mounted above the radiator grille) ended up in the late Mr Lainson’s then office at 15 Market Hill; maybe the other two also ended up there but I don’t know.

Darren Kitson


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Western National – Bristol MW6G – 253 KTA – 2270

Western National - Bristol MW6G - 253 KTA - 2270
Copyright Ken Jones

Western National Omnibus Co Ltd 
Bristol MW6G

This is a Bristol MW6G from 1962 with second style MW ECW C39F body, and was hired from Western National to London Country Bus Services Limited in 1975 to 1977. In 2000 it was in service with Memory Lane Vintage Omnibus Services. It has been owned by Bob & Philip White since 2008 and is seen at many rallies and often participates in the annual Royal Blue run. It is preserved as Western National 2270, and was photographed leaving Simonsbath in Somerset on 3/7/10 during that years Royal Blue event. The picture was taken from the proceeding vehicle EDV 502D – a Bristol MW6G with the third style C39F ECW bodywork.

The 2013 Royal Blue run will take place on Friday 21st June to Sunday 23rd June and include Margate to Bournemouth. More details are on line at www.tvagwot.org.uk/events.htm

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ken Jones

A full list of Bristol codes can be seen here.

22/02/13 – 06:28

You never fail to Excel. Another excellent capture.

Alan Coulson

23/02/13 – 13:42

Well up to standard, Ken. Keep going!

Pete Davies

04/03/13 – 07:57

I used to drive 2270 on service out of Royal Blue depot in Portsmouth. Didn’t like her to drive. Also operated a daily service from Portsmouth to Ilfracombe in the 70,s which to us through Simonsbath and over Exmoor but we always had a MW ideal for the bends at Watersmeet which was further on.

Jim Stapleton

06/03/13 – 10:27

WN 2270 also recorded as on loan to Alder Valley during June and July 1975.

Mac Head

21/04/13 – 07:52

Just been catching up on the ITV programme "Endeavour" from 14th April and found this vehicle in it plus Hants and Dorset FEL 951C plus Oxford City Double Decker – very good

Ken Jones

27/04/13 – 07:48

Initial invites and details about the 2013 Royal Blue run have just been released from the organisers as follows.

"This year we are heading east. The South Coast Express from Margate to Bournemouth was jointly operated by Royal Blue, East Kent and Southdown. Royal Blue also operated joint services between Bournemouth and Kent with Maidstone & District and therefore we would like invite owners of vehicles from these companies to join us in this year’s run. In the heyday of the South Coast Express through services from Margate to Bournemouth took around 12 hours for the complete journey. In today’s traffic conditions this would take significantly longer and therefore the plan is as follows:

Day 1 (Friday 21 June) Victoria Coach Station (we have permission to be in VCS from about 10.30 to 11.00 when there will also be an unveiling of a Transport Trust ‘Red Wheel’) – Peckham – Lewisham – Sidcup – Maidstone – Canterbury – Margate – Ramsgate

Day 2 (Saturday 22 June) Ramsgate – Sandwich – Deal – Dover – Folkestone – Rye – Hastings – Bexhill – Eastbourne – Brighton – Worthing – Arundel – Chichester – Portsmouth

Day 3 (Sunday 23 June) Portsmouth – Southampton – Salisbury – Marlborough – Swindon – Cheltenham

Entrants will be welcome from Royal Blue, Southdown, East Kent, Maidstone & District and Associated Motorways companies and any vehicles which might have run ‘on-hire’ to the main operators. Entrants can join in for any part or all of the run over the three days."

Ken Jones

21/05/13 – 15:20

Well Jim, you and me both! According to my "lists"(!) I drove her a few times out of Bournemouth (Rutland Road) on Associated Motorways work. Not as nice to drive as the later RELHs!

Andy McClelland

22/06/13 – 07:52

Yes Andy 2270 was not so nice to drive but I’m sure it was because it didn’t like me! And trying to change the blind with your T key was something else!!. At least when it was hot one could drive with the door open.

Jim Stapleton


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