Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

As this year marks Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, I thought you may be interested in a couple of old pictures I've found. The first one is of Northumberland Street in Newcastle upon Tyne which had been decorated for the Coronation of King George VI in 1937, note the pre war dark blue livery of the Newcastle Corporation AEC. The second is of two Newcastle Corporation buses decorated for the Coronation Her Majesty in 1953. I assume that the gentleman is the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, but I don't know.

Ronnie Hoye


03/03/12 - 07:53

I have found a second picture of the Newcastle bus which is just a little clearer. I'm not sure that the silver paintwork does it any favours though! The picture is at this link.

Richard Leaman

03/03/12 - 15:36

The lower vehicle would be Daimler CVD6 No. 170, with Willowbrook B35F bodywork. It's unclear if the rad is still chrome, or silver paint. Despite its monochrome appearence, it's very impressively turned out with the large crown and lions on the roof. And they gave special treatment to the double-decker to the right as well.

Chris Hebbron

03/03/12 - 16:12

I dont ever remember seeing either of these vehicles at the time, but by 1977 I was at Armstrong Galley, our depot was just behind the central works at Byker depot and I remember the two open top Atlanteans that were given a similar treatment for the Silver Jubilee, one of them went to my previous employer at Percy Main where Northern ran it on a sea front service on behalf of Tyne and Wear PTE. I did have some picturs of it but they appear to have gone astray

Ronnie Hoye



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