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The 'Gallery' pages are for any collection of bus related photographs. As long as there is a connection to buses, coaches, trolleys etc they are fine, in fact, anything goes, something is always of interest to somebody.


Leyland Buses in Rotterdam

Hans Kloos

Although the Leyland era didn't last that long in Rotterdam the Leylands were quite popular amongst drivers and passengers.

Alder-colours-of-the-rainbow Valley

Alan Murray-Rust

In the period following the merger of Thames Valley Traction and Aldershot & District Traction in January 1972 to form Alder Valley.

Five Shots Taken in the Fifties

Ian Thompson

Five colour photographs taken during the 1950s. Not the best of photography, I fear, but possibly useful for the record.

Barton Transport

Ian Pritchard

Barton had a wonderful mix of buses here is five of there double deckers including a few of there rebuilds.

Bristol SUL Coaches

Keith Newton

One Saturday in September each year, thanks to Colin Billington , there is a running day based on Kingsbridge Devon. This provides the opportunity to ride on, amongst other vehicles, preserved Bristol SUL coaches.

Some Bradford Trolleybuses

Roger Cox

On Sunday 26 March 1972, the last operational trolleybus system in Britain, that of Bradford City Transport, came to an end after 60 years of public service. Here are some pictures (sadly not a comprehensive record) that I took on a visit in April 1970.

Four North Wales Operators

Don McKeown

Here are four shots of four different North Wales operators.

King Alfred Running Day 2017

Pete Davies

Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited

Roger Cox

The pictures were taken in 1969/70, and, unless otherwise stated, are set against the somewhat brutalist backcloth of the Birmingham Bull Ring and its environs.

BUT Three Axle Newcastle Trolley

Ray Jackson

I lived on the No.34 trolleybus route on the Wallsend section in the 1950s and 60s and throughout my early childhood became very fond of these Q1 type 1948 batch with the drop down windows.

Worthington Motor Tours

Tony Morgan

I have long lamented the exclusion of Worthington Motor Tours from your offerings and attach some photos of the early days as a Company, they existed from 1920 to 1973.

Another Page of Omnibuses

Victor Brumby

Here are some pictures from an old album I recently acquired. I hope they are of interest to you.

J S Simpson Rosehearty

Stephen Allcroft

Here are the pictures I promised Peter Simpson on the 'Simpsons EPL 628' Best Bit.

City of Oxford Motor Services

Roger Cox

The City of Oxford company originated in 1879 as the City of Oxford and District Tramways Company Limited, which began operating its first horse drawn tramway route on 1 December 1881.

Fleetwood Transport Festival (Tram Sunday) 17 July 2016

Pete Davies

Here are some views taken at the Tram Sunday event in Fleetwood. It seems to be usual that there are many more cars, charity stalls and miscellaneous sales stands than there are trams and buses.

Memories Two

David Field

Carrying on with my clearout, I've found some more photos that might be of interest.

Todmorden Market

Roy Dodsworth

A further find at Todmorden Market, brown envelope with colour snaps. No further details of owner.


David Field

I have found these old photos which might invoke some memories.

Old Routemasters in Sri Lanka

Rohan Nanayakkara

I have been interested in buses from my childhood. Sri Lanka has had many British buses in the Government owned Sri Lanka Transport Board in the 60s and 70s.

Shell Refining's Private Bus Service

Nick Webster

I was very pleased to see a picture of Leyland Tiger Cub 6127 PU in later ownership. I remember this bus when it was new and although I knew some of its subsequent history I had never come across a photograph other than my own.

A Page of Omnibuses

Victor Brumby

In an album of 'Old Cars Abroad' I recently acquired, is an out-of-place page of omnibuses, which I opine would bring more pleasure to this forum than to many others!

Concluding Photo Album Gallery

Roy Dodsworth

Here are the final shots from the album.

North West Gallery

Roy Dodsworth

Here is the penultimate gallery of shots from the album purchased from a market stall.

Some Samuel Ledgard Gems

Chris Youhill

I hope the members find it of interest - of all the thousands of Ledgard pictures, literally, I tried to select just a few with something special about them.

Mini Gallery One

Pete Davies

A small selection of photographs.

Preserved Commercial Vehicles On PSV Chassis

Pete Davies

There is a section, among the miniatures, trams and others, of "Preserved Commercial Vehicles On PSV Chassis".

Southdown Motor Services

Roy Dodsworth

Yet another selection of shots from the bought album.

East Kent Road Car Co Ltd

Roy Dodsworth

Five East Kent photos from the bought album.

West Yorkshire Road Car Company

Roy Dodsworth

Four West Yorkshire photos from the bought album for your perusal.

Notts and Derby Traction

Bill Nix

Many years ago I took an old driver down to Bournemouth to view an old Notts and Derby trolleybus being restored, it was on the Hurn industrial estate, I took some photos they had restored the body and paintwork but the interior remained to be done.

Blackpool Corporation

Roy Dodsworth

From the same album has the Leeds shots here is a set of shots for Blackpool Corporation.

Leeds City Transport

Roy Dodsworth

Last week I found an album of old photos on a mart stall at Todmorden. Very interesting find.
Here are a few shots of some Leeds City Transport.

Thames Valley ex Newbury and District Guy Arabs

Roger Cox

In 1950 the Red & White group sold out to the British Transport Commission, and many of its smaller subsidiary companies were transferred to the management of the nearby Tilling operators.

Provincial Society Bus Rally August 2015

Pete Davies

Here are few shots that maybe of interest, I took them at the Provincial Society Bus Rally, Stokes Bay, Gosport, on Sunday 2nd August.

Bristol SUL

Keith Newton

I am new to this site and thought you may be interested in seeing a few shots of the Bristol SUL4A.

Doncaster Independents - Two

David Oglesby

A week or so ago a large selection of scans were emailed to me from David Oglesby headed as 'Several old Doncaster area bus photos'. As there is already a Doncaster Independents gallery by Roger Cox and seeing most of the shots were of independents I decided to follow the film industry and headed this gallery as Doncaster Independents - Two.

Vaggs Motors of Knockin Heath

Don McKeown

The County of Shropshire was traditionally served by Midland Red in the south and Crosville in the north. The area in between was home to a number of interesting independent operators. One of the largest was Vaggs Motors of Knockin Heath.

Newcastle Corporation Follow-Up

Anthony Fox

A follow-up to the recent thread posted by Ronnie Hoye of a line up of Newcastle Corporation buses lined up for a race meeting at Gosforth Park Racecourse. Ian T put in a query about Newcastle's CVG6s with Birmingham style bodies and what appears below is an answer to that.

Newcastle Bus Stations

Ronnie Hoye

When I started driving buses, Newcastle had three bus Stations, Haymarket, Marlborough Crescent and Worswick Street. That was in 1967.


Don McKeown

Sandsend is a village on the North Yorkshire coast two miles north of Whitby. It lies at the bottom of Lythe Bank, a lengthy gradient of 1 in 4 which takes the main road from the coast to the moors.

Dennis Ace YD 9533

John Goold

As a former Dennis apprentice I was very pleased to see this fine example of Southern National YD 9533 fleet number 3650, a 1934 Dennis Ace bus.

Showmans Vehicles

David Rhodes

I don't know whether we've touched on this topic before, but I thought I may as well send these pictures in to be used in a gallery.

Delaine, Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Pete Davies

Here is a mini gallery of Delaine which I hope you like.

AEC Reliance 344 XUK

Peter Jewell

I thought you may like to see a mini gallery of my visit to Faversham on 17th May 2014.

Taunton Running Day 2014

Ken Jones

I thought you may like to see a small selection of shots I took on Sunday the 11th of May at this years Taunton Running Day.

Red Warrior Coaches

Paul Young

My great uncle owned Red Warrior Coaches around World War II time in Birmingham.
Thought you may like to see some images from the family archive!!!

Stans Galleries

Stan Zapiec

Two galleries one of Sheffield Corporation the other of operators in the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire area.

The Frank Brindley Collection

Ken Wragg

Ken Wragg contributed quite a few photographs that he had received from a deceased relative Frank Brindley who was a freelance news photographer who went out getting some great views in bad weather. The photos were taken mainly in the Sheffield area but Ken does not have any information to go with the shots.

A Trip Over The Essex/Suffolk Border

Roger Cox

In August 1969, I took a trip around Colchester and Sudbury, a region then particularly noted for its independent operators. These are some photos from that day.

King Alfred Running Day 2014

Pete Davies

Fieldsends Coaches

Andrew Critchlow

After seeing the posting of the J W Fieldsend Ltd Ford Thames Trader I had a root in the archives and found these pics which I hope will be of interest.

A Quick Norwich Tour 1969/70

Graham Watling

Half-a-dozen photographs from 1969/70 around the Norwich Eastern Counties bus "hubs" where I used to go with my friend.

Provincial Society's Stokes Bay Rally

Pete Davies

Here are some views of the Provincial Society's Stokes Bay Rally which took place in August 2013.

Weymann Fanfare

John Stringer

Following recent comments on the site about the merits of the Weymann Fanfare coach body, and knowing there is much interest in the Sheffield fleet, I thought these official Weymann photos of Sheffield Leopard 1301 (1501 WJ) may be of interest.

Silver Star Motor Services

Alan Clark

I have put together a collection of Silver Star old bus photographs. Most should be credited to Chris Usher, the rest to me although they are ancient photographs where I was not the photographer.

Williamson's of Bridlington

Cathy Goldthorpe

Here are a few shots of Williamson's of Bridlington Horse Buses a couple of very early Motor Buses and some Newspaper cuttings.

Metro Centre May 2013

Ronnie Hoye

On Sunday 5th May, armed only with my mobile phone I set off for the Metro Centre in Gateshead.

A Day At The South Yorkshire Transport Museum

Andy Fisher

On the 14th of April this year (2013) I went to the South Yorkshire Transport Museum at Aldwarke near Rotherham. Below are just a few shots I took with my phone, hope you like them.

Fodens Alpine Fact Finding Tour 1951

Robert Hewitt

A note near the bottom of the Foden Works Foden PVRF6 OLG 855 posting about Foden coach OLG 968 inspired me to dig out a pack of photos which used to be my grandfather's, and then my father's, and which are now in my keeping.

Models - Four More

David Rhodes

Here are four more bus models for you to look at, each very differentfrom the other, including two oddities.

Massey Bodies with Independents

Alan Murray-Rust

This gallery showcases my own collection of photos of these independents' buses. It is arranged in geographical order, working basically from north to south.

Nottingham Trolleybuses - The Last Years

Rob Hancock

The life and times of the Nottingham trolleybus system have been well documented and photographed over the years and my contribution is as an interested observer in the mid-sixties.

Annual Works Outings

David Rhodes

These are all annual works outings official photos which came out of my late father's effects. Some of them are not labelled on the front, so I will endeavor to explain them to you. Most of these photos are taken on the main Keighley to Skipton road.

Southampton Corporation

Roger Cox

Southampton Corporation was one of the few operators to be tempted by the pre war Guy Arab, taking a total of eleven between 1934 and 1936. They proved to be sound purchases, remaining in service with the Corporation for 14 to 16 years. After the Guys, Southampton standardised on Leyland TD4 and TD5 Titans, and, but for the war, might well have stayed with Leyland.

Gibson Brothers of Barlestone (Comfort Buses) - 1922 to 1970

Darren/Wendy Prime

Gibson's was the brainchild of two brothers, Walter & Edward Gibson. The two miners first came up with the idea of buying a bus in 1919. They used it to ferry themselves and work mates to and from the local coalfields, often parking it up and doing their shift before taking their colleagues home covering both the night and day shifts.

Models - West Yorkshire Plus a Few Others

David Rhodes

In view of the fact that there are some model buses featured in other galleries and the favourable reaction to them, I thought you might be interested in some of the model buses I have scratch built in 7 mm scale. Sorry about the Northern bias! It's a roots thing!

A day out in North Wales, October 1969

Alan Murray-Rust

This gallery was prompted by the appearance of John Stringer's gallery A Tour of Shropshire and North East Wales which coincided with me doing some investigations to fill out details of slides I had been scanning which covered some other independents in the area.

Crewe Station Forecourt

Patrick McDermott

Here is a couple photos of Crosville Lodekka's at the remodelled Crewe station forecourt modernised as part of the West Coast modernisation of the rail route. I used these buses regularly as I travelled to school by train from Crewe to Stoke-on-Trent daily on them.

King Alfred Running Day 2013

Pete Davies

I have decided to submit a batch of views from the King Alfred Running Day all were taken January 1st 2013. The event is normally held in Winchester on New Year's Day

Reading Corporation Transport

Roger Cox

Reading's first motor buses were AEC YC types, and these were followed over the years by Guy and Karrier machines, including some of the decidedly dubious six wheelers from both makers.

A Tour of Shropshire and North East Wales

John Stringer

In early 1970 some enthusiast friends and I travelled over from Halifax to Manchester to join a PSV Circle tour of Shropshire and North East Wales. The vehicle hired for the trip was KMB 603G - an AEC Reliance 691

Another Holiday in Caernarvonshire 1973

John Stringer

A while ago I posted a gallery of photopraphs taken on a family holiday in Llanbedrog in 1967.
I revisited the area again in 1973 and here is another selection of local independents' vehicles that I took on that occasion.

Brighton, Hove & District Omnibus Co.

John Whitaker

In 1933, the London bus operations of Thomas Tilling were absorbed by the newly formed London Passenger Transport Board. The Tilling operation in Brighton continued until it was reformed within the TBAT grouping, as the "Brighton, Hove and District Omnibus Company".

The Bristols

Ken Jones

For this gallery I've put together a collection of buses produced by "Bristol" and seen at the recent BVBG running day in August. I hope you enjoy them.

The non Bristols

Ken Jones

For this Gallery I've chosen non Bristol buses from the annual Bristol Vintage Bus Group rally as the group's first bus was an ex Bristol Leyland Titan.

Gosport and Fareham (Provincial)

Roger Cox

I first experienced the fascinating fleet of Gosport and Fareham, otherwise known as "Provincial", when I moved from rural Kent to the Gosport area as an eight year old in the summer of 1949. Some of the Provincial AEC Regents and Regals seemed to me to be a bit elderly

Royal Blue Run

Ken Jones

The Saturday of this year's event saw a day in South Devon, starting at Exeter coach station and finishing at Salcombe, with plenty of photographic stops. There were 17 vehicles running on this Saturday, some vehicles don't do the whole 3 days.

Apple Green and Juicy

John Whitaker

In the late 1920s, Morecambe had abandoned its horse tramway, and amalgamated with Heysham, and had developed its bus network considerably. It had also acquired the Heysham and District concern, and, in 1932, it decided that a new image was desirable.

Stockport Corporation 16/07/63

Richard Armishaw

On Tuesday the 16th of July 1963 I was at Mersey Square Stockport where I took only three pictures of Stockport Corporation buses but I would like to show you them.

Remembering Samuel Ledgard - 45 Years on

John Stringer

In October of this year (2012) it will 45 years since the last Samuel Ledgard bus turned into the depot and ended an era.

Hebble Motor Services Ltd. Halifax Depot

Stephen Howarth

After the last few galleries regarding bus stations I thought you maybe interested something on the same lines although this time it is a bus depot.

Worswick Street Bus Station Newcastle

Ronnie Hoye

It is 'or rather was' Worswick Street Bus Station in Newcastle, the bunting and decoration for the Festival of Britain puts the date as 1951.

Vine Street Bus Station Scarborough

Mike Davies

Westwood and Northway bus stations in Scarborough have been mentioned, but East Yorkshire MS & West Yorkshire RCC had an earlier depot/bus station, this was in Vine Street, off Victoria Road.

A Holiday in Caernarvonshire 1967

John Stringer

A selection of photos of independent operators' vehicles, taken on a family holiday to Caernarvonshire, North Wales in 1967.

Model ex-AEC STL Breakdown Tender

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time London Transport AEC STL 175 registration AGX 517 converted to a Breakdown Tender

Northway Bus Station Scarborough

Malcolm J Wells

The recent discussions about Scarboroughs Westwood Bus Station reminded me that, in the early fifties when my family often visited relatives in Newby an area just out side Scarborough. At the time East Yorkshire Motor Services used the Northway Bus Station which was shared with the West Yorkshire Road Car Co.

Geneva 2012

Roy Dodsworth

I recently returned from the Geneva Motor Show.
Hidden behind the main train station, Gare Cornavin, is a small car park. Near 2 large wheelie bins there was this bus!

Ribble Motor Services - Sentinel STC4

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time a 1948 Ribble Motor Services Sentinel STC4 registration CRN 211 fleetnumber 2722

Model Karrier Trolleybus/Tramway Tower Wagon

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time a Karrier Trolleybus/Tramway Tower Wagon of the type used by many Authorities

West Riding Automobile - Model Guy Wulfrunian

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time a 1963 West Riding Automobile Guy Wulfrunian registration WHL 970.

Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

From Ronnie Hoye

As this year marks Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, I thought you may be interested in a couple of old pictures I've found.

Buses Abroad

From Victor Brumby

Here are a few of my old bus photos taken on my travels abroad to right hand drive countries.

The Venture Transport (Newcastle) Company Ltd

From Colin Scott

This collection of Venture Transport photos was given to me by my father they were taken by my brother Les who was employed by Northern General...

White Heather & Royal Motor Services

From Roger James Brook

I came across the White Heather LGOC CC Class - GF 7254 - 12 (ex LT 1000) posting the other day and seeing the amount of comments it received I thought you may be interested in my connection with White Heather.

International Progressive Coachline

From Norman Long

After seeing the posting of the ex London Transport STL 2117 owned at the time by Progressive Coaches I thought you may be interested in a few of my snaps that I took whilst driving for them.

Middlesbrough Corporation - Model Guy Arab IV

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time a 1955 Middlesbrough Corporation Guy Arab IV.

Model AEC Matador

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time an AEC Matador 4 x 4 Recovery Vehicle.

London Transport - Model LT "Scooter" LT1033

From Iain Simms

A few more shots of one of my models this time a 1931 London Transport AEC Renown "Scooter" LT1033.

Out and About

From Roy Dodsworth

Pre digital days, my camera was a conventional roll film with negatives, and I have sorted a few out which I hope are of interest.

Maidstone & District - Model AEC Regent V

From Iain Simms

A few shots of one of my models this time a 1956 Maidstone and District AEC Regent V.

Trans Lancs Bus and Coach Rally 2009 - (Part Two)

From Roy Dodsworth

This is my second gallery of shots taken at the 2009 Trans Lancs Bus and Coach rally, which is held at Heaton Park Manchester.

Doncaster Independents

From Roger Cox

In response to the enquiry from David Smith on the Q&As page, here are nine pictures showing eight vehicles of the fascinating Independent operators of the Doncaster area before the onset of the PTE era.

Trans Lancs Bus and Coach Rally 2009 - (Part One)

From Roy Dodsworth

This is my first gallery of shots taken at the 2009 Trans Lancs Bus and Coach rally, which is held at Heaton Park Manchester.

Derby Trolleybus Destination Blind

From Stephen Ford

The Derby trolleybus system closed on 9 September 1967. I think it was on the following Monday that I purchased this front blind from Ascot Drive depot.

Trans Pennine 2011

From Roy Dodsworth

Trans Pennine 2011 - Organised by the Yorkshire branch of the HCVS. 2011 was the 43rd event and over 200 vehicles entered.

Meadowhall 2011

From Roy Dodsworth

Meadowhall - an annual event organised by the South Yorkshire Transport museum. A well organised and well attended event held on an overspill car park at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre adjacent to the M1 motorway at Tinsley.

Malta Buses - End of an era

From Kevin Byrnes

I have just found your site and thought you may appreciate these photos of buses that we took in Valletta in Malta recently. I am not into vehicles but we loved these.

Flea Market Find

From Roy Dodsworth

Bought for £1, I was intrigued to find on the reverse a sticky label which read 'From the hub of FKY24 - B.C.P.T. - From Ticker.

HCVS Chrabanc Trip 2011

From Roy Dodsworth

In late August 35 members of Yorkshire branch of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society set off on a mystery tour to visit the private collections of 3 HCVS members.

Rowley's Buses of Bignall End

From David Rowley

I have some photographs in my possession that I would like to share on this site, they are some of our 30s and 40s buses, Maudsley, Albion and one of unknown origin with solid rear tyres.

Halifax Parade 1968

From Roger Cox

I have, at last, processed all the pictures from the Halifax Parade held in 1968 to commemorate the running of the first tram in the Borough in 1898.

Smith's Luxury Coaches of Reading

From Ray Soper

There will be no interesting questions arising in this gallery as in my recent Chiltern Queens of Woodcote gallery, although, on saying that, what would Smiths be thinking of doing with a six wheeler trolleybus?

Halifax Coaches

From Roger Cox

I was amazed to see some of the old Bourne and Balmer coaches arriving in 1965/66 for a new life with the JOC.

Chiltern Queens of Woodcote

From Ray Soper

An intriguing question arises in this gallery.

Harper Brothers of Heath Hayes

From Ray Soper

Only four photos but I think well worth showing.

Smith's Luxury Coaches Dennis Lancets

From Roger Cox

Here are some pictures of four of the Dennis Lancet fleet of Smith's Luxury Coaches of Reading.

The People's League for the Defence of Freedom

From Roger Cox

Three non London Transport buses in London during the 1958 London bus strike.

West Riding Guy Wulfrunians

From Roger Cox

A few shots of the West Riding Guy Wulfrunian in both of its liveries.

A Potteries Motor Traction Coach in a spot of bother

Ian Wild

Potteries Motor Traction operated a number of contract duties each day providing staff transport to the Ministry of Defence 16MU site in deepest Staffordshire. These provided useful out of season employment for coaches.

Red and White Guy L1749

Ken Morgan

My wife and I are the present owners of Red & White Services Duple bodied Guy Arab III double decker HWO 342 Fleet No L1749, which I helped to restore to a roadworthy condition in 2003 in Cinderford, in the Forest of Dean, after nearly 30 years of neglect.

Enjoyable Weekend

Ian Thompson

Saturday, North West Museum of Road Transport at St Helens; Sunday, Dewsbury Running Day.

A Trolleybus tour in Bournemouth

Ray Soper

It was at a time when such things could be done without "health and safety" being rammed down your throat as it is nowadays instead of just being honest and saying "NO".

Double Deck Tours

Ray Soper

If you like Routemasters this is the gallery for you.

Southsea Spectacular 1975

Chris Hebbron

This album came about due to Chris using free software to create a panoramic shot from a couple of old photographs he found of a bus rally at Southsea. Page loading time is dependent on internet speed.

Photos from my Fathers Album

David Oglesby

This album was part of a posting under Reliance (R Store Ltd) it still is but it gave me the idea for the 'Galleries' pages so I have listed it here as well.

Hulls Atlanteans in various liveries

Keith Easton

Kingston upon Hull Corporation Transport purchased four batches of Leyland Atlanteans between 1966 and 1968.

Photos of my father with Northern General

From Robert McKay

Some bus photographs of my father and vehicles he drove.

Iain Simms Jensen Gallery

From Iain Simms

A collection of photographs of my model buses scratchbuilt in card.

Eatonways (Hay Mills) circa 1961

From Nigel Edwards

A few shots of this long gone, long established coach operator.


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