BUT Three Axle Newcastle Trolley

I lived on the No.34 trolleybus route on the Wallsend section in the 1950s and 60s and throughout my early childhood became very fond of these Q1 type 1948 batch with the drop down windows. The very distinctive livery of mainly yellow and cream brightened up the dreary post war, landscape, stained by years of belching chimneys and heavy industrial output.
I was saddened when Newcastle Corporation Transport decided to axe these wonderful fast and sleek buses in favour of the diesel Atlantean and route 34 was the first to go. The reason given at the time was that because of extensive road works planned at Pilgrim Street on the north side of the Tyne Bridge, it was deemed too difficult and expensive to re-route the wiring and motor buses would be more adaptable to the changes.
When the changes took place, the bus stops were less numerous and the distance between stops was increased, presumably to keep to the schedule previously set by the faster acceleration of the trolleys.
The replacement buses were Alexander bodied Atlantean's which had quite an appealing design of a single wrap around windscreen and upper deck windows, pleasing to the eye but inferior in ride and comfort to what had previously gone before.
I was at art school at the time and doing a graphic design course which enabled me to visually capture some of these splendid vehicles before they were gone. I have included a study of No. 493 which remained mostly in the condition it was delivered in throughout its life.

Ray Jackson

05/02/17 - 08:06

Superb drawing!

Ian Thompson

06/02/17 - 06:53

Wonderful drawing, Ray, which makes me really envious of those like you with such skills.
London Transport and Glasgow Corporation also took delivery of Q1's. Did anyone else and did they also get exported for further life, as did LT's?

Chris Hebbron



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