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Bournemouth Corporation – Leyland Titan TD5 – FEL 214 – 14

Bournemouth Corporation - Leyland Titan TD5 - FEL 214 - 14
Copyright Ray Soper

Bournemouth Corporation
Leyland Titan TD5
Weymann FO58R

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05/03/12 – 17:22

FEL 214 was immortalised in the 1966 Norman Wisdom film "Press for Time", probably the best part. Is it still in existence?

Nigel Richards

17/07/13 – 06:57

This scene would be unrepeatable today. The Pier Approach roads have gone; there is a flyover right behind where the bus is standing and the road where the bus stop was is now part of a general amusement area. The Pavilion which is visible behind the bus is still extant, but somewhat changed in appearance.
I never travelled on these old open-toppers but I do remember them. They were probably hard work for the drivers as route 12 went up and down quite a few steep hills as it ran up from sea level at Alum Chine, then down to both piers before finishing at Hengistbury Head.

Grahame Arnold

18/07/13 – 07:41

Was this the bus that ended up in the sea in the climax to a ‘chase sequence’ in the film ‘Press for Time’. I haven’t seen the film but I do recall seeing a still of an ex Bournemouth TD5 open topper running into the sea in a book.

Michael Elliott

18/07/13 – 10:08

You’re quite right, Michael E. Here’s the link to the film – the bus scene starts at 0:24:00 (mins). SEE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFBgHiKX0Vc

Chris Hebbron

18/07/13 – 16:23

I think that the movie sequences in Press for Time were filmed in and around Teignmouth, Devon.
Mind you, I could have done without the Russian dubbing!
Good fun, all the same.

Having watched the film sequence again, there’s a bit of inconsistency. See if you can spot it. For most of the chase, the bus is on route 22, but briefly, in mid-chase, we see it operating a route 23 ! I can’t imagine why!


19/07/13 – 08:49

To add credence to the Teignmouth/Tinmouth location, the first sighting of the TD5 also indicates the rear of an Atlantean in the background, sporting very much what looks like Devon General livery!

Chris Hebbron


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