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Newcastle Corporation – Leyland Titan – NBB 286 – 286

NBB 286
Copyright Unknown

Newcastle Corporation
Leyland Titan PD2/1
Leyland H30/26R

A 1950 H30/26R all Leyland Titan of Newcastle Corporation. One of 52 of the type delivered between 1948 and 1950.
1948 registrations LVK 115/136 fleet numbers 115/136
1950 registrations NBB 281 – 300 fleet numbers 281/300
1950 registrations NVK 301/310 fleet numbers 301/310
In addition, there were six L27/26R PD2/1 low bridge versions
1949 registrations LVK 6/11 fleet numbers 6/11
The all Leyland Titan was well built and reliable, and as good a looking vehicle as anything else that was around at the time, but sometimes its what’s in the background that makes a photo interesting rather than the subject matter itself. NBB 286 is heading south towards Newcastle City Centre and is about enter Barras Bridge. The large building is the Hancock Museum, which is at the junction of Claremont Road, what looks like a Duple butterfly ’chassis unknown’ heading north on the Great North Road, which at that time was still the A1. A 1949/50 MCCW bodied BUT 9641T trolleybus is coming out of Jesmond Road, so the year is pre 1966. Behind it is a Percy Main vehicle which will be on the service 3 – 5 or 11, it could be either an Atlantean or a Weymann bodied Daimler Fleetline. One Titan from the Newcastle fleet has survived LVK 123 and is in its original 1948 blue livery, but bearing in mind the number that were produced, it seems that not that many are still around.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ronnie Hoye

02/12/14 – 05:29

Ronnie, I think that this photograph was taken before May 1965 when the trolleybus services along Jesmond Road were converted to motorbus operation.
I always thought that there was something magical and special about the cypher A1 and name ‘Great North Road’.
Over the years the A1 has had quite a few different routes through Tyneside and the numbers now allocated to former sections of the route give few clues to their former glory.

Kevin Hey


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