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Coalporters Amateur Rowing Club -Bedford VAL – LBY 173D

Coalporters Amateur Rowing Club -Bedford VAL - LBY 173D

Coalporters Amateur Rowing Club
Bedford VAL 14
Duple C48F

There isn’t a lot to be said about this poor creature other than ‘oh, dear!’. LBY 173D is a Bedford VAL with Duple body, new in 1966 and relegated to carrying club members and their boats to and from events. She is seen near the group’s premises near Northam Bridge in Southampton, on the dull afternoon of 21 September 1981. What might in other circumstances be thought of as part of the frame for the upper deck is the boat rack.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

25/09/16 – 11:55

At long last, I have been able to gain access to Bus Lists On The Web! For some strange reason, I have not managed to gain entry until now. Perhaps I wasn’t hitting the correct buttons in the right order, but never mind. That website tells us that this vehicle was new to Rickards in May 1966. I imagine she had the maroon livery from new – what a comedown to this!

Pete Davies


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Verwood Transport – Guy Arab V – WTE 159D

Verwood Transport - Guy Arab V - WTE 159D

Verwood Transport
Guy Arab V 6LW
Northern Counties H41/32F

WTE159D is a Guy Arab V with Northern Counties H73F body (well, she did start her life with Lancashire United!) in service with Verwood Transport. The indicator display has been altered to suit a more rural operation, and we see her in the yard at Mallard Road during an open day at the Bournemouth Corporation transport depot on 22 May 1983.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

22/09/16 – 07:16

This beauty gives one a good idea of what a front entrance Middlesbrough Arab would have looked like Quite superb in my opinion!

Chris Hough

22/09/16 – 13:21

Thanks, Chris. When Wilts & Dorset took the firm over, they were so impressed that they painted a VR – S suffix so too new for these pages – in Verwood livery. Equally smart.

Pete Davies

22/09/16 – 15:07

U seem to remember that the proprietor of Verwood Transport trained as a driver at Middlesbrough and that’s why he chose the blue livery.

Stephen Allcroft

22/09/16 – 16:42

So, Stephen, a variation on the theme of Managers taking the livery of their former command to their new one – there are several instances in these pages!

Pete Davies

24/09/16 – 07:42

WTE 159D_2

In the early 1980s Verwood was a growing community somewhat neglected by public transport. Hence Andy Wood stepped in to provide services to Poole and Christchurch on different days. As Verwood Transport , he acquired a Leyland PD3 ex Brighton Corporation. This was soon replaced by the Guy Arab shown. Both vehicles and indeed subsequent rear engine vehicles were always worked OMO [as it was known in those days].
The Guy was unique in the area and was much appreciated by passengers and enthusiasts.

Keith Newton

24/09/16 – 07:43

These buses had deep, vertically slatted grilles either side of the destination boxes when they were with LUT. Were they fitted with Cave-Browne-Cave heating equipment when new or were the grilles for some other purpose? Either way, this beautifully presented vehicle has had them removed and replaced with very much smaller, natural air vents.

Chris Barker

24/09/16 – 08:39</EM&GT;< em>

Keith, I wasn’t aware of an ex-Brighton PD3, never having seen it, but I do have a view somewhere in our Editor’s ‘in tray’ of a former BEA Routemaster.

Pete Davies

25/09/16 – 06:17

Unfortunately, due to lack of space following our recent move to a flat, most slides are unavailable at present so I cannot attach an image of the PD3. Likewise the Routemaster which was RMA11.

NMY 648E

This subsequently passed to an operator in Leighton Buzzard who used it in full Verwood Transport livery.

KGJ 612D

After de-regulation, Andy together with Roger Brown [Shaftesbury & District] re-introduced services in the area and I have attached an image of RMA37 in the green livery seen in Christchurch.

KGJ 603D

Finally is an image of the rebuilt and extended Routemaster RME1 which remained in red and is seen in Salisbury.

Keith Newton


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Burton Coaches – Bedford SB – LGV 994

Burton Coaches - Bedford SB - LGV 994

Burton Coaches (Haverhill)
Bedford SB
Duple Vega C41F

With Showbus 2016 just around the corner it is an opportune moment to share this photo of Bedford SB 58898 which carries Duple Vega C41F body number 1090/7. This lovely example of this classic combination was new to Burton Coaches, Haverhill in March 1958 but preserved in the livery of Premier-Albanian Premier Coaches, Watford (see below).
Exhibit 608 at Showbus 2015 and entered by Ted Hewitt, the coach shows some seats reversed just behind mid-coach.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Les Dickinson

18/09/16 – 14:51

A minor correction, but the livery is that of Premier Coaches (Watford ) Ltd. Albanian coaches of St.Albans was taken over by Premier in the early 1960’s and the Premier Albanian name first appeared on later style Duple bodied Bedfords.
The current seating capacity of LGV 994 is 31 and 2 tables (retained from a 1960’s Duple from the fleet). Originally a 41 seater (as were all such examples in the Premier fleet), only 31 could be repaired to a suitable standard using the original moquette.
LGV will not be at Showbus next weekend, but is scheduled to make an appearance at Amberley museum instead.

Ted Hewitt

18/09/16 – 16:18

Many thanks for the additional information Ted. The coach is a credit to you.

Les Dickinson


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