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Brighton, Hove & District – Bristol K5G – GHT 127 – 992

Brighton, Hove & District - Bristol K5G - GHT 127 - 992

Brighton, Hove & District
Bristol K5G
ECW O33/26R

This vehicle has appeared before on this site in a rather good April fool joke. New to Bristol Tramways as fleet their number C3315 it was sold to Brighton, Hove & District in 1955 as their 992 who reputedly carried out the conversion to open-top. Later sold to Thomas, Port Talbot, then to Bristol Omnibus and thence Badgerline. Then after a stint with First Bristol and First Somerset & Avon it was loaned to the Bristol Vintage Bus Group in Bristol.
Standing aside is GHT 154 another K5G with a H30/26R Bristol body it was new in 1940 to Bristol Tramways and had fleet number C3338. It also is in the care of the Bristol Vintage Bus Group. 
Both vehicles looking great at the Bristol Running Day 2011.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Les Dickinson

12/07/13 – 08:04

These are examples of Bristol Tramways’ large tram replacement programme, in which 272 new K5Gs entered service between 1938 and 1941 for Bristol Joint Services.
Bristol’s own body works could not meet the demand and ECW supplied bodies for 78 of these buses.
BH&D must have been responsible not only for the open top conversion of GHT 127 (and five others) but also the fitting of the more modern PV2 radiator, first used in 1946, and the lower bonnet line.

Geoff Kerr

12/07/13 – 12:15

GHT 154, the K5G with a H30/26R Bristol body, is a bus brought back from near-death and is a tribute to those who put in all the hard graft to bring her back to as-new condition.
Rob McCaffrey, in his ‘Transport Illustrated’ blog, mentions a little about its history and also shows a couple of photos of the downstairs inside (click to enlarge). Here’s the link: http://transport-illustrated. 

Chris Hebbron

12/07/13 – 22:46


Very sad but here is another one that appears on Ebay every now and then in Arizona. Totally unrealistic asking money for this, offering to a good home would be better. Wish I had the time and the room. I think this is 124.

Mike Pannell


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Cardiff Corporation – Guy Arab V – ABO 434B – 434

Cardiff Corporation - Guy Arab V - ABO 434B - 434

Cardiff Corporation
Guy Arab V 6LW
Neepsend H37/28R – O37/28R (1976)

This vehicle was new to City of Cardiff Transport in 1964 and is now owned by Cardiff Transport Preservation Group having been donated to them in 2008 by the National Museum of Wales. One of 12 Guy Arab V’s fitted with Neepsend rear entrance body it was converted to open-top by Cardiff in 1976 for use on city tour duties along with similar bus 424 which is preserved in Essex . It is seen in service at the Barry Island event in June 2013.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ken Jones 

09/07/13 – 07:41

There are pictures of the different types of Arab Vs owned by Cardiff Transport on Mike Street’s fleet list covering 1964-72,including no. 424 mentioned above.The original maroon and cream livery suit these buses much better than orange and white.For the fleet list paste the following into your browser:-

David Jones

09/07/13 – 11:40

Following its appearance at the Rally, ex-Cardiff 434 was selected to appear at the Rhiwbina Festival (Rhiwbina is a suburb on the northern edge of Cardiff). A lady approached a couple of us who were there with the bus and asked ‘Is this a Guy?’. When we confirmed that it was, she told us that her father had worked for Guy Motors and that she had some photos and documents. Would we like to see them? We most certainly would!

28 RRF

She has now sent me the attached scan of a photograph of Burlingham-bodied Guy coach (28 RRF – or is it 29 RRF? – no. 51 in the Harper of Heath Hayes fleet, very similar to the preserved one that appeared at last year’s Newbury Rally.
The lady tells me that her father was George Edgar Harris (b.1917, d.1980), and that he was appointed manager of the export sales department at Guys in 1948. He was appointed to the board of Guy Motors (Pty) Ltd in 1957, and was a director of Guy’s parent company from January 1958 to about 1960.
The photograph appears to have been taken during a visit by several potential Guy customers from far and wide to the fleet of a regular buyer of Guy Motors products.
As a postscript, I attended the Llangollen Railway’s Classic Transport Weekend on Saturday and was delighted to see ex-Chester Corporation (and now resident of the North West Museum of Transport) Guy Arab IV/Massey arriving to take up its position as one of the three buses on the Glyndyfrdwy-Corwen run. A notice above the front windows upstairs highlighted that it’s now celebrating its 60th birthday. It ran on the service in fine form and is a credit to all concerned.
Guy Motors lives on!

Berwyn Prys Jones

12/07/13 – 12:13

The lady who provided the photograph has sent me some additional information:

I should mention that the bus in my photograph (the one you submitted to the website, “old-bus-photos”), is almost identical to a bus in a photograph on page 79 of Robin Hannay’s book, “80 Years of Guy Motors Limited”. The two buses look as though they belong to the same fleet. They both bear the name “Harper”, but the bus in my photo has the number 51 painted on it, and its number plate is 28 RRF, while the numbers of the bus in Robin’s photo are 52 and 27 RRF respectively. Robin’s photo was taken in 1960, and his bus looks more dilapidated than the one in my photo, which I believe was taken in 1957!

Berwyn Prys Jones

13/07/13 – 08:00

Something about this Seagull has struck me as "wrong" – it just doesn’t look "right" from the front . . . but I’ve not been able to put my finger on it. Until now – I just leaned back at my desk and noticed the OOC Wallace Arnold Seagull in the display cabinet above my desk: the headlights are normally above the front beading, with any spot/fog lights beneath – here they’re mounted much lower down at the same level as the spot lights.

Philip Rushworth

29/04/16 – 06:01

According to the new Burlingham body list published by the PSV Circle (B1002) the Guy is thought to be the very last Seagull Mark III.

Alan O. Watkins


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Blackpool Corporation – Leyland Titan – LFR 528F – 528

Blackpool Corporation - Leyland Titan - LFR 528F - 528

Blackpool Corporation
Leyland Titan PD3A/1
MCW H41/30R

LFR 528F is one of a batch of 40 Titan PD3A/1 vehicles with MCW H71R bodywork, delivered to Blackpool Corporation in 1967 and 1968. Some of the later 1968 vehicles had the G suffix to their registrations. 528 is seen in the old almost-overall cream livery at Fleetwood on 15 September 1975, while on the 14 between Fleetwood and Talbot Road Bus Station. I sampled the current version of this service in May 2013, and it’s a lot quicker to use the tram from the stop by the Knott End Ferry beyond the bus to North Pier!

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

04/07/13 – 06:05

I know it’s an Orion – but it’s a handsome one. Light colours flatter it.

David Oldfield

04/07/13 – 06:05

Blackpool being Blackpool, how long did they last? Still running?!


04/07/13 – 08:32

Joe, No! Sadly it’s only some of the trams of similar and older vintage that are still in service, not the buses.

Pete Davies

04/07/13 – 12:21

Nice photo: the bus fleet inevitably gets overshadowed by the tram fleet. I agree that the Orion looked better in lighter colours. That open radiator flap must have worsened fuel consumption!

Chris Hebbron

05/07/13 – 11:44

I beg to differ about there being no Blackpool PD3’s still active. 529 is still very much active, mostly doing private hires for Classic Bus North West. But it did operate the full shift on service 22 on the 25th of May this year, this being the day that also saw RM1568 and 1947 built Lytham 19 doing a planned Heritage Running Day on that service.

Mr Anon

06/07/13 – 06:25

What a terrible livery that was. Indeed, it would be wrong to use the word livery. Just dump a bus into a tank of cream paint and dab a bit of green on the mudguards.
Thank goodness more green (and more sanity) returned to this fleet after a few years.


06/07/13 – 08:32

Mr Anon, still active? Yes, but not in normal every day service with the original operator. I know of several that are preserved in different places. Blackpool’s bus life has generally been around 12 years.

Pete Davies

07/07/13 – 07:39

Not strictly true the age profile. Most of the Atlanteans were between 20 and 25 years old when withdrawn, the ex WYPTE Olympians were just about 30 years old, and the F*** UFR Olympians were just about 20 years old on retirement. The 12 year life has long since passed into oblivion.

Mr Anon

18/11/13 – 05:17

For the record, Blackpool Transport’s last few PD3s were retired from regular passenger service exactly 25 years ago this month.


20/07/14 – 15:10

LFR 529F

Here is another Blackpool PD3, consecutive registration No to the one shown above, this was taken June 15th this year at Ribble Steam Railway, Father’s Day, Vintage Vehicle Show.

John Lomas


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