North West Gallery

North West Gallery

Here is the penultimate gallery of shots from the album purchased from a market stall. This time they are all vehicles from the North West area of England, they are mainly from municipal fleets

Roy Dodsworth

Accrington Corporation
Registration CTC 217 fleet number 89 a 1937 Leyland Titan TD5c with a Leyland H30/24R body.

Accrington Corporation
Registration 384 FTJ fleet number 149 a 1958 Leyland Titan PD2/31 with an East Lancs H32/26R body.

Accrington Corporation
Registration 36 VTF fleet number 157 a 1961 Guy Wulfrunian 6LW with an East Lancs H37/29R body.

Accrington Corporation
Registration MTJ 926G fleet number 26 a 1968 Bristoll RESL6G with an East Lancs B47F body.

Blackburn Corporation
Registration BCB 341 fleet number 8 a 1948 Leyland Tiger PS1 with a Crossley B32F body.

The wording in the blind above the driver reads 'West vale'

Bolton Corporation
Registration PBN 655 fleet number 137 a 1961 Leyland Titan PD2/37 with a Metro Cammell FH35/27F body.

Burnley Colne & Nelson Corporation
Registration HHG 32 fleet number 232 a 1959 Leyland Titan PD3/6 with an East Lancs H41/32F body.

Bury Corporation
Registration BEN 179 fleet number 179 a 1953 Leyland Titan PD2/12 with a Weymann H30/26R body.

Darwen Corporation
Registration OTD 575 fleet number 44 a 1952 Crossley DD42/7 with a Crossley H30/26R body.

Douglas Corporation
Registration MAN 123 fleet number 1 a 1935 Vulcan VSD with originally a Vulcan FO40T body.

In 1954 this vehicle was fitted with a Bedford petrol engine, gearbox and the familiar Bedford radiator. By this stage it had been rebuilt from a 'Toastrack' to a thirty two seater front entrance 'Bus'.

Douglas Corporation
Registration KMN 518 fleet number 20 a 1950 Leyland Comet CPO/1 with a Park Royal B30F body.

Isle of Man Road Services Ltd
Registration TMN 335 fleet number 94 a 1956 Leyland Titan PD2/20 with a Metro Cammell H34/28R body.

Isle of Man Road Services
Registration HMN 787 fleet number 34 a 1948 Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with an ECW B35R body.

Thanks to Roy Nicholson for the information for the caption.

Morecambe & Heysham Corporation
Registration KTF 590 fleet number 61 a 1949 AEC Regent III 9612E with a Park Royal O33/26R body.

Morecambe & Heysham Corporation
Registration 35 MTD fleet number 89 a 1960 Leyland Titan PD2/37 with a Massey H37/27F body.

Preston Corporation
Registration CK 4921 fleet number 1 a 1934 Leyland Titan TD3c with an English Electric L26/26R body.

Registration JRN 37 fleet number 971 was a 1956 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2T with a Burlingham Seagull Mk IV C41F body.

Registration ARN 814C fleet number 814 was a 1965 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT with a Weymann DP49F body.

Registration ECK 900E fleet number 900 was a 1967 Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R with a Marshall DP49F body.

Registration FCK 914F fleet number 914 was a 1968 Leyland Leopard PSU3/2R with a Willowbrook DP49F body.




19/02/16 - 13:55

Wonderful selection, Roy! I can't place all of them, but here are further details on some.
Accrington's unusual blue and red livery (kept by Hyndburn after 1974) was a tribute to the local Regiment.
Bolton PBN 655 is at Moor Lane Bus Station. There's a Ribble Royal Tiger in view.
Isle of Man TMN 335 is on the seafront at Douglas, heading out of town. One of the Corporation's horse trams is heading for Victoria Pier (the ferry terminal).
Morecambe & Heysham KTF 590 is on the seafront, near West End Pier. The destination shown causes some merriment to visitors, especially in respect of the Bare Tennis club and the Bare Women's Institute!
Morecambe & Heysham 35 MTD is in Euston Road, opposite Euston Road School and passing the Bus Station.
Ribble ARN 814C and ECK 900E are at Coliseum Coach Station in Blackpool. Part of the tram depot is behind them.

Pete Davies

20/02/16 - 05:12

A fine selection I didn't realise that Weymann built its flared body as late as 1953. It would have looked somewhat dated by then.
I'm intrigued with Preston Corporation's No. 1, the 1934 Leyland Titan TD3c with a 'utility' English Electric body. I wasn't aware that EE built any such bodies.

Chris Hebbron

21/02/16 - 15:52

What a wonderful selection! I particularly like the Accrington TD5. Their livery at that time included black window surrounds. a practice which continued until the 1960s although strangely ignored by Corgi when they produced their 1/50 scale utility Arab in Accrington livery. Perhaps they used a black and white original, where the black might be indistinguishable from the dark blue, and then colour-matched from a more recent vehicle without the black trim.
One slight nit-pick over the caption for JRN 37 - this is a Seagull Mk IV, the distinguishing features being the one-piece front windscreen panes, the front entrance (first available on the Mk IV) and the older style of rear-end treatment (kept on the Mk III and Mk IV but abandoned for the curved corner on the Mk V).

Neville Mercer

21/02/16 - 16:27

Neville, thanks for that I will edit the caption. I acquired the info for the caption from 'Ian Allan British Bus Fleets No16 Ribble'.
The more I do this site the nearer I come to the conclusion that the Ian Allan BBF books are not all that reliable, information wise.


22/02/16 - 06:22

Sadly, Peter, it's not just the BBF booklets that contain mistakes. Errors abound in print and on the Internet. Of course we all make mistakes sometimes, but OBP, with its following of informed contributors, is exceptionally well placed to sort out misconceptions.

Roger Cox

22/02/16 - 09:04

What would the rest of the Accrington livery have been at that time, Neville?

Chris Hebbron

22/02/16 - 11:52

Chris, the bulk of the livery was blue and red. I attach a photo of the EFE Accrington PD2 for reference.

Pete Davies

22/02/16 - 16:12

Yet another very fine selection of pictures Roy - your visit to that market stall certainly turned up some real gems. It just makes you wonder how many more rare views of many operators, views which would now be historically priceless, are lying around here and there.

Chris Youhill

23/02/16 - 05:35

Thx, Pete. It's certainly an unusual livery and I notice that this model has the black window surrounds, too.

Chris Hebbron

23/02/16 - 11:09

The Blackburn PS1 is after withdrawal by Blackburn. It is noted as going to a Liverpool school and there is a Westvale Primary School in Kirkby, but this may be a case of 2 + 2 = 5!
The Preston TD3 didn't look like that when new - see At the moment I'm unable to ascertain whether it was a rebuild or a new utility body, but if the latter it was very unusual in being six-bay.

David Beilby

23/02/16 - 13:13

The EFE Accrington PD2 (both issues are identical except for the tampo printed areas) is not quite right in that the red is too "orangey" The actual colour was more akin to Manchester red (which EFE also made a little too bright in their early renderings while making the cream too pale). More recent EFE Manchester offerings (the two Atlanteans) have over-compensated by using a darker red almost indistinguishable from Plymouth's old shade. One would almost suspect that EFE's Plymouth Atlantean model didn't sell very well and found itself genetically modified into a more Northern breed. Sorry, severely off-topic!

Neville Mercer

24/02/16 - 05:41

The Douglas Vulcan is a shock. Notably Lincolnshire also converted their examples to Bedford petrol engines but did not convert them to forward control or to saloons, one survived as late as the early 1970s with a preservation group in Notts IIRC. As for the English Electric Titan AFAIR they did not build utility bodies so I'm inclined to think it's a wartime PCT rebuild of the original body, after all the Preston Coachbuilders were to demonstrate they were capable of a lot more than a new front end and dome.

Stephen Allcroft

06/01/19 - 08:15

I know it's a dormant thread but to clear up the body issue on the Preston Leyland Titan TD3c this is covered in Mike Rhodes' book (1995) "Preston's Trams and Buses". Three of the EE bodied vehicles were re-bodied by Croft in 1945 and the caption to a picture of No.1 reveals that the vehicle was retired from service in 1957, a chassis life of 23 years.

Brian Bullock



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