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Leigh Corporation – AEC Regent III – JTB 794 – 33

Leigh Corporation AEC Regent III
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Leigh Corporation
AEC Regent III
Roberts L27/26R

Another shot of a Leigh Corporation AEC Regent III there was one on stand last April the shot was in colour too you can see it here. This Regent is four years older and was built by a different body builder Roberts of Wakefield in Yorkshire. In 1948 the overall length was 26ft it wasn’t until 1950 the length changed to 27ft although I can’t see one foot making all that much difference, touch more legroom perhaps.

05/11/13 – 10:21

The shot of a No.26 Manchester – Leigh (1965) brings back memories, I used to see this in Swinton (top of Worsley Road/Chorley Road junction) in the late 50s/early 60s. Happy memories of travelling to Golborne (trainspotting) on summer Saturday mornings. Via Worsley (under the wires), then across the East Lancs Road again via Boothstown. Change at Leigh for the 46 or 47 for Warrington, (Have I remembered correctly, can anyone confirm?), we arrived at the roundabout on the East Lancs. Road from the North (does anybody know the route it took please?) before jumping off at the roundabout risking life and limb to leg it up to the railway life just to miss a semi. 8 hours, several Shippam’s paste butties and a bottle of Tizer later it was time to go home, full of stolen peas from the adjoining field and very sweaty and grubby. Happy days. I pity the young of today.

Ron Ollerenshaw

28/03/14 – 07:08

Yes you are right about the service numbers. Both departed Leigh via Lords Street turning right at Butts Bridge the down Warrington Road to the East lances Road. The the 46 went to Warrington via Risley and Padgate and the 47 via Croft and Winwick. But you are wrong if you think that’s Golborne. Golborne is 3 to 3.5 miles down the East Lancs Road towards Liverpool. I’ve worked on the buses for the last 40 years starting in 1975 at Leigh.

Mel Higson

30/03/14 – 14:12

Thanks for the response. So what bus did I get?? Definitely out of Leigh, definitely jumped off on the East Lancs Road about a 100 yards from the West Coast main line. Ron Ollerenshaw.

Ron Ollerenshaw

23/05/16 – 06:05

Ron, I also used to trainspot in the early/mid-60’s but a bit further down, at Stones Crossing in Newton-le-Willows, where the WCML passed under the Liverpool-Manchester line.
However if you spotted as you say, where the WCML passed under the A580 East Lancashire Road then that would be in Golborne.
From Leigh you would have taken the 57 Wigan service via Lowton,Lane Head & Golborne Centre or the less frequent 58 via Plank Lane & Derby Road Housing Estate to Golborne Centre. These services then unusually did a double run up to the A580 roundabout to turn back to Golborne Centre, then on to Wigan or back to Leigh.
That timing point was called Golborne, Park Road and was almost at the junction of the A573 with the East Lancs roundabout. Later on, in the mid 60’s the services turned in a small loop outside the Queen Anne Hotel instead of going up to the East Lancs roundabout.
Although 57 & 58 were nominally LUT/Leigh Corp. jointly operated, and did so, only Leigh Corp. operated on the 58, which was a pretty sparse service, every 2 hours, with the extension to Wigan only on Saturday pm and just one through to Wigan late pm on a Sunday. The joint 57 was always hourly though.
The Park Road bus stop was just yards from the East Lancs Road /WCML overbridge as you say, so this could be the location, and I feel pretty sure there would be peas in the adjoining fields though I doubt the scarecrows would have bothered you!
Yes, happy sweaty, grubby days with Shippams paste butty bits floating in your bottle of Tizer or Jusoda.
Take me Back!

David Smith

23/05/16 – 11:12

We used to have Seniors fish/meat paste, probably because it was made just down the road from where I lived near Wimbledon. Shippams was made at Chichester, if memory serves.

Chris Hebbron

24/05/16 – 06:59

Well really Chris, I was expecting a comment about Leigh Corporation bus services or Britannia Pacifics and ‘Jubs’, not a discourse on the merits or attributes of 1960’s fish pastes. It obviously caught your imagination!
By the way, Sutherlands and Princes were yet another two manufacturers….



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