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Huddersfield Corporation – AEC Regent III – JVH 370 – 240

Huddersfield Corporation AEC Regent III

Huddersfield Corporation
AEC Regent III
East Lancs L30/28R

The AEC Regent III (Provincial Type) as apposed to (RT Type) was in production from 1947-56 I’m not sure how many were built but they were extremely popular if anybody knows let me know. Like the Regent II there was only one version of the first Regent IIIs that were produced they had a 9.6 litre oil engine, air operated preselective gearbox and air brakes. It wasn’t long though before the 7.7 litre engine, crash or synchromesh gearbox and if the bus had one of these gearbox’s it had triple servo vacuum brakes. The early ones also had chromium plated radiators but round about 1951 they changed to cast aluminium. The Regent III was an excellent work horse, very reliable and long lasting 20-25 years service was the norm but quite a lot did much longer than that, after main service a lot were sold off to do even more service with other operators definitely one of the best buses built.


Huddersfield Corporation 370 in the USA
Photograph M. J. Halstron

Vehicle sited in St. Augustine Florida Nov 2009. It’s gained a red livery and is being made to masquerade as a London bus. It’s in a very run down state and seems unlikely to ever be road worthy again. Below is a photograph of her now

J. Halston


08/12/12 – 09:33

How sad to see these lovely buses left to rot, should be sent home to us.

Brian M


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