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Glasgow Corporation – BUT 9613T – FYS 861 – TB100

Glasgow Corporation - BUT 9613T - FYS 861 - TB100

Glasgow Corporation
BUT 9613T
Crossley H37/34R

Taken in the summer of 1966 less than a year before the closure of the Glasgow trolleybus system in May 1967 this photo shows TB100 registration FYS 861 which was a BUT 9613T fitted with a Crossley H37/34R body. The shot was taken in George Square in the city centre, although not in pristine condition it still looked a very elegant vehicle with it’s wide cream band between decks with green lower deck window surrounds plus black mudguards markedly improving the livery compared to the bus livery of the time which had only a very narrow cream band above the lower deck windows and orange to that band.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Diesel Dave

04/02/17 – 10:23

These were probably the fastest trolleybuses in the UK, and gave a bouncier ride compared with the older six-wheeler types found on the High Street routes. By the time this photo was taken most of them looked very much battle weary, as maintenance was kept to a minimum due to the impending closure of the system. This style of trolleybus was unique to Glasgow, and they were withdrawn after only 8 years service. As they served some of the quieter southern suburbs it was rare to see any of them with a full load, compared with the very busy High Street services. Some might say they were a waste of ratepayers’ money, but some of us were sorry to see them go.

John W


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