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Pennine Motor Services – Leyland Royal Tiger – LWY 702

Pennine Motor Services Leyland Royal Tiger
Photograph by ‘unknown’ if you took this photo please go to the copyright page.

Pennine Motor Services
Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/13
Leyland B44F

This photo first appeared on the ‘Do You Know’ page of this website and thanks go to David Oldfield and Dave Farrier for the following information. Pennine Motor Services were and still are a small independent operating in the lower part of the Yorkshire Dales, They originally had their depot in the small village of Gargrave which is about 5 miles north west of Skipton. That depot has now been demolished to make way for an housing estate and they currently use the old Ribble Motor Services depot which is at the bottom of the Coach Street car park in Skipton (see Tony Youngs comment below). They were always a Leyland operator with a mix of buses and coaches more often than not bought brand new. In later years, PSU3 Leopard/Willowbrook Duel Purposes were bought, before deregulation. That was the beginning of the end when they went over to second-hand Leyland Nationals. Their current fleet is 13 step-entry Dennis Darts.

In the early seventies Pennine expanded by taking over Ezra Laycock of Barnoldswick. Prior to the advent of the Nationals the fleet was made up of Plaxton bodied Leyland Leopards bought from a variety of sources. They also for a very brief time had a pair of Leyland Swifts which were quickly sold and they are one of a handful of operators who do not have any low floor buses in their fleet.

Chris Hough

Coach Street car park building is now a Marks & Spencer store. Pennine Depot is now in another former Ribble Depot on Broughton Road Skipton.

David Clarke

Did I read somewhere recently that – 24 years after deregulation – Pennine is coming under attack on one of its routes (maybe Burnley)? Let’s hope it doesn’t spell the end for this operator.

Dave Towers

31/03/11 – 15:43

Pennine now have 3 low floor buses, Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer, ex-Bus Eireann, numbered D17 – D19.
To correct information above, the Pennine depot in Skipton was near the High Street Car park on Jerry Croft, not Coach Street Car park which is on the other side of the town centre. The new Marks & Spencer food store is on the site of the former depot, accessed via Jerry Croft from the High Street.
Pennine are indeed facing strong competition from Transdev who are now competing with the 215 between Skipton and Burnley via Earby and Barnoldswick. Pennine have a good reputation in Skipton and are part of the local scene. We can’t afford to lose them.

Tony Young

04/04/11 – 07:11

The Pennine depot is in the former Ribble depot at Broughton Road which was built by Old Ben Bus Services taken over by Ribble. Afterwards it became a textile Mill and then back to being a bus depot.

Philip Carlton

16/04/11 – 05:00

My recollection is that the current Pennine Depot in Skipton spent some time in use by a tyre and exhaust retailer after closure by Ribble.

Jonathan Cadwallader

14/06/11 – 08:52

I note with sadness that Norman Simpson, the leading light of Pennine Motors, passed away earlier this month. I worked at Craven District Council from its inception in 1974 until 1988, and public transport became part of my remit. Mr Simpson was, of course, one of my councillors too! We had an excellent working relationship, not least of all because of his innate courtesy, and his clear understanding of the respective (and respected) roles of elected members and salaried officers. And this was despite our being some way apart philosophically on the issue of the role of the public sector in public transport planning and support!

Richard Tulloch

19/07/11 – 17:14

I made a comment above, subsequently expanded on by Tony, about the competition from Transdev. Having a day off last week I decided to go and have a look for myself. I am originally from Lancaster and recall as a young spotter in the 1960s seeing Pennine buses in my home area, but I had never actually made a journey on one of them. Anyway, the situation is that Pennine run an hourly service to Burnley (215) whereas Transdev run two services (29/30) one via Earby and one via Barnoldswick, whereas the Pennine route covers both of these towns. The Transdev routes leave at XX:00 and XX:30 and the Pennine departs Skipton at XX:05. On my journey at 11:05 the driver issued 21 tickets and on the return at 13:25, 24 tickets, although most were for concessionaries. I would suggest that 3 journeys per hour is certainly "overbussed" but noted whilst in Burnley that Pennine also run extra 215s as short-workings from Burnley to Barnoldswick only; the one I saw leaving Burnley at 12:55 was completely empty. Presumably these extras are Pennine’s way of striking back. From Pennine’s timetable several of their buses actually terminated in the evening at Barnsoldswick so presumably they have a small garage/outstation there. Can anyone confirm?

Dave Towers

17/10/11 – 06:00

Before retiring I owned a radiator rebuilding business in Earby and was proud to have Norman Simpson of Pennine as a regular customer. My recollection was that they tended to buy well used Leyland coaches, rebuild them and put into service. This was of course very good for trade! They did indeed have a garage in Barnoldswick, Gas works Rd if I remember, big enough for about 4 vehicles, one coach stored there was a Royal Tiger about 1950, motor show exhibit, lots of chrome—I never saw it move. They also had a stop, outside I think at Settle—-I recall a drunk stealing a coach for a lift home one night. Not bus related, but Norman Simpson always favoured big Citroen cars.

Colin Newby

29/01/12 – 17:51

Superb machine. The photo looks like the work of the late great Bob Mack

Tony Greig

17/04/12 – 14:09

In reply to Colin, MTC 757 (the bus version) and MTD 235 (the coach version) were regular visitors to Lancaster. It’s MTD 235 which spent several years in store in the garage in Barnoldswick, and is now at Broughton Road. Sadly, in respect of both vehicles, my black and white prints are long gone.

Pete Davies

25/04/14 – 11:54

Very sadly Pennine will cease operations on 16th May 2014. This is a combination of Mainline competition on the Burnley route and low concession rate from NYCC on the busy 580 Skipton Giggleswick Route. This was a complete surprise as Pennine now have all but three Darts Low floor access and another one just purchased ready for painting. A very sad event after 88 years.

Chris Wright

25/04/14 – 14:27

Damnation. Aside from the social and business consequences of the closure, the countryside will lose one of the more unique liveries on the street scene.

Orla Nutting

20/05/14 – 08:37

The very last public journey was the 21:15 Skipton to Settle, operated by Dennis Dart D8 (KU52 RYG). Here’s a less than perfect shot taken just after it had been reversed into the small Settle depot. The vehicle on the left (D18, W948 ETW) had actually been back at depot for almost four hours, but D8’s driver made a point of switching on its lights for the benefit of the assembled enthusiasts. //s1318.photobucket.com/  Also shown is a daytime shot of the Settle depot, which, as can be seen, is for sale, as is the Barnoldswick depot. The Settle depot, particularly, strikes me as a potentially nice discreet home for a couple of preserved single deckers – 36-footers can be accommodated, but no bigger.

David Call

21/05/14 – 17:44

RIP – Pennine Motor Services.

Stephen Howarth

22/05/14 – 07:19

Indeed Stephen. Very sad.

David Oldfield

24/05/14 – 08:25

I’ve only just come back from a few days around the Yorkshire Dales, basing ourselves at Skipton. Only yesterday, a wet day, we passed a building and glimpsed the rear of two parked Pennine buses poking out. It was not convenient to stop, although I wished I’d been able to. Although I’m not good at colours, I thought they were orange and black and it looked a very passable livery.
Sad indeed, as you all say.

Chris Hebbron

26/05/14 – 12:09

Re Philips Carlton’s comment of 4.4.11, according to the "Commercial Motor" of January 1st 1929, the original owner of Pennine’s Broughton Road garage was the "Old Bill" service owned by W. Wisemall not the Old Ben service.

Nigel Turner

26/05/14 – 13:56

Nigel, I don’t know anything really about the origins of the building, but in the 1960s the nearby filling station was definitely known as "Old Bill Motors."

Chris Youhill

26/05/14 – 15:44

Having had a further look round the internet it seems that the owner of "Old Bill" was William Wiseman not Wisemall. The Commercial Motor stated that he was going to continue his existing haulage business. Pennine have now advertised the premises for rent at £40,000 per annum.

Nigel Turner

26/05/14 – 16:58

Old Bill

Old Bill_2

Reading the latest posts on the Pennine closure and "Old Bill", reminded me that I had these photos of William Wiseman original garage and its later replacement both on Broughton Road, Skipton. Is this still the Pennine depot?Photographer unknown.

Mike Davies

26/05/14 – 17:51

Old Bill’s depot is nothing like the current Pennine depot however the house in the background looks very much like the second house in Gisburn Street which is by the side of the Pennine depot.

Nigel Turner

26/05/14 – 17:51

Old Bill_3

Another of Mikes shot if it helps.


27/05/14 – 06:49

With the aid of Google Maps, the second photo confirms the location, the houses in the background are in Marton Street and behind that is "Marton Mills" which seems to have lost a few stories but the chimney is still there.

Nigel Turner

27/05/14 – 06:50

I think you’d better ignore what I said above (20/5) about the Settle depot being suitable for housing two preserved single deckers – from what I’ve seen of the going rates for sale/letting, it would be unaffordable! It’s a nice little depot, though, all the same.

David Call

LWY 702_lr Vehicle reminder shot for this posting

07/09/15 – 07:11

Such a shame that Pennine have stopped for good. I loved riding on their Dennis Plaxton buses. It’s been over a year since they ceased operations, but they are still missed. They were that extra bus that you got if it happened to come while you were waiting at the bus stop. They were buses you could depend on to get from A to B with no fuss. Sure they were a few drawbacks vs the more popular Transdev buses, but many more benefits.
The main drawback of the bus service was the limited frequency of buses – only 1 an hour. Compare that to Transdev’s 8 an hour along the mainline route. I bet many avoided catching Pennine’s buses because if they bought a return ticket, they could only use it on Pennine’s buses which were too few for the popular route between Colne and Burnley. That is why it was mainly used by pensioners as they did not have to worry about fares.
However the fares were cheaper on Pennine’s buses than Transdev’s for the same journey, so it was still probably cheaper to get a Pennine bus one way and a Transdev bus back, than get a Transdev return.
Another thing is that it was a quicker journey than Transdev not just because the bus had fewer passengers, but also because the bus did not hang around for long at the bus station unlike Transdev. The buses were also far more punctual than Transdev’s. I can’t recall a single time when Pennine’s buses were late. Transdev’s buses are more often late than on-time. Sometimes they are terribly late for no apparent reason at quiet times. Sometimes the bus is at the bus station due to depart but the driver is nowhere to be seen! This never happened with Pennine.
A few months after Pennine folded, Moving People came along but their buses are very infrequent. They run only a few a day. I’ve only been on one of their buses twice so far because I so rarely see them. They have started a new J12 service which passes Junction 12 of the M65 (but all the buses on the main road do so why they called it that there’s no point). It goes to Burnley but diverts at Casterton Avenue and goes past the hospital and rejoins the main road at Duke Bar.
So Moving People are hardly a replacement for Pennine. They don’t run any buses to Barnoldswick or Skipton. So far there is still a gap that has not been filled by the departure of Pennine and I feel that gap will still be there for some time to come.



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