West Yorkshire Road Car Company

West Yorkshire Road Car Company

Four West Yorkshire photos from the bought album for your perusal.

Roy Dodsworth

Registration JYG 726 fleet number 432 to become SBW14 was a 1951 Bristol LWL6B with ECW B39R bodywork.

Registration LWR 425 fleet number 859 to become DGW5 was a 1953 Bristol KSW6G with ECW L27/28RD bodywork.

Registration SLA 759 fleet number CUG44 was new to Tillings Transport Limited Chelmsford in 1957, it was at the time a Bristol LS6B with ECW C34F bodywork. This vehicle came via Eastern National to West Yorkshire in 1965 and was immediately converted to a LS6G with a C39F body.

Registration MWR 962D fleet number ERG10 was a 1966 Bristol RELH6G with ECW DP47F bodywork.

29/12/15 - 06:58

Thanks for putting the West Yorkshire pics on site.
The Leeds service 34 was from Wellington Street Leeds to Ilkley, passing through Bramhope, into Otley. The 34 shown is parked up at Otley Bus Station, where another company, I don't think many on site will have heard of, Samuel Ledgard aha, shared the facilities. Sammy's garage was just across the road from the bus station entrance.
After leaving Otley 34 travelled along the A65 to Burley in Wharfedale, now submerged by floods as I write, towards Ben Rhydding, passing Car a Cars, a big caravan company, then passing Ross Brothers garage, a Rolls Royce and Bentley dealer.
About a mile further it passed my mum and dads house, passing Lakeland Laundries into Ilkley, turning right at the main traffic and arriving at the terminus in New Brook Street, consisting of one bus shelter.
I await Mr Youhill's reminiscing comments.

Roy Dodsworth

29/12/15 - 10:48

Thank you Roy for those lovely memories of the "golden" past - well there were certainly golden for me, some of my very happiest days.
Roy If I can with the greatest respect make one or two corrections which I hope you won't mind. The 34 route from Leeds via Otley to Ilkley started from Cookridge Street just near the Garden of Rest in the Headrow. The Ledgard service from Leeds to Ilkley started in King Street above the Metropole Hotel until King Street became one way northbound when the terminus was changed of necessity to Park Place - WYRCC never participated on that route.
As a result of long established mileage agreements Ledgard had the most mileage on the Leeds - Otley - Ilkley service 34. The normal weekday service saw only one WYRCC car on the two hour round trip through to Ilkley - for many years regularly worked by Bristol K6Bs 744/5, later renumbered DB16/17, GWX 101/2 - a pair of very fine machines. Later on a regular performer was the unloved front entrance Lodekka DX82, YWW 77, swapped with United eventually for a rear entrance one - whatever its failings DX82 could put in some sparkling speedy performances on the 34 route. Turning now to DGW 5, WYRCC did a lot of peak hour extras, lunchtimes especially, and the bus has just arrived in Otley on such a short working and the destination is already set for the return to Leeds.
The lone WYRCC car (Leeds depot ) on the through trips from Leeds to Ilkley left Leeds at 15 minutes past the odd hour, Ilkley at ten past the even hour and the hourly through trips by Ledgard (Ilkley depot) vice versa. Long before my time WYRCC (Ilkley depot) had run through to Leeds before the mileage agreements were revised. There is a lovely picture - have you seen it ?? - of a Dennis Lancet struggling through the deep floods between Riversdale Cafe (now an Indian restaurant) and Manor Park - with the conductor for some reason perched on the bonnet !! So in that respect there seems to be not much improvement in the flood defences if this weekends horrors are anything to go by.

Chris Youhill



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