Todmorden Market

A further find at Todmorden Market, brown envelope with colour snaps. No further details of owner.
I have identified the location as the main road running through Littleborough, Greater Manchester, near to where the newish Police Station is located.
Three of the vehicles are in the Trans Pennine Run Rally programme for 1993 so I guess they all were entered.


Rochdale Corporation

1959 AEC Regent V D2RA with a Weymann H33/28RD body registration TDK 322
fleet number322

Burnley Colne and Nelson

1948 Leyland Tiger PS1 with a Brush B34R body
registration HG 9651
fleet number 10

Leeds City Transport

1955 Leyland Titan PD2/11 with a Roe H33/25R body
registration UUA 207
fleet number 207

Alexander (Fife)

1961 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with a Alexander C41F body
registration OSC 711
original registration RMS 714
original fleet number FPD225

Caption for this required the registration looks like CVG 285

York Pullman

1954 AEC Regal III with a Barnaby B39F body
registration JVY 516
fleet number 66

Crosville Motor Services

1959 Bristol Lodekka 6B with an ECW CO33/27RD body
registration 627 HFM
fleet number DLB978

Thames Television

1967 Bedford VAL14 with a Road Transport Services OB unit body
registration GNF 951E

Wallace Arnold Tours

1958 AEC Reliance MU3RA with a Plaxton C41C body
registration 8332 U

Devon General Omnibus & Touring

1965 AEC Regent V 2MD3RA with a Willowbrook H33/26F body
registration CTT 518C
fleet number 518

Royal Household

1972 Bedford VAS3 with a Willowbrook DP20F body
registration now RBY 764K

Bradford Corporation

1947/8 AEC Regent III RT type with a Park Royal H56R body
registration HLW 159
fleet number 410 ex London Transport RT 172


08/07/16 - 09:10

The Cumbria PS registration just could be "CWG" and is probably a vehicle from "North of the Border."

Chris Youhill

The Cumbrian Coaches one doesn't seem to match anything in their current fleet.

John Lomas

08/07/16 - 11:29

Chris, this looks like CWG 286 which is still with Cumbria Classic Coaches but now in a blue and cream livery.

Paul Haywood

08/07/16 - 11:44

The PS1 is ex-Alexander - details on SCT61 here:
The pictures in this set come from at least two different dates: compare the signage on the Tanning Salon.

Graham Woods

08/07/16 - 17:05

You're right, John. It seems to have disappeared from the scene recently and doesn't feature on their website. This photo shows it in cream/blue in 2012 but note the comments which suggest it was involved in an accident and awaiting repair.

Paul Haywood

08/07/16 - 17:07

The different signs on the tanning shop both show the telephone code as 01706. This code was introduced on 16/04/1995, replacing 0706 as the code for Rochdale.

Dave Farrier

Thanks to Alan Walker and SCT61, it seems that CWG 286 is still extant but needing bodywork attention. This photo from 2014 is the most recent found.

Paul Haywood

09/07/16 - 06:34

Tropical Tans is at the corner of Featherstall Rd and Duke St Littleborough. For the record the 01706 area code covers not just Rochdale but Littleborough, Todmorden and all of Rossendale.

Phil Blinkhorn



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