Provincial Society Bus Rally August 2015

Provincial Society Bus Rally August 2015

Here are few shots that maybe of interest, I took them at the Provincial Society Bus Rally, Stokes Bay, Gosport, on Sunday 2nd August.

Pete Davies

RV 6358 is one of the large fleet of Leyland Titans operated by Portsmouth City Transport over the years. This one is a TD4 from 1935. She has an English Electric O50R body. Fleet number 5.

RV 3411 is a TD2 version, converted to Tower Wagon and Recovery Vehicle. She has fleet number TW1 and is still in the ownership of the City Council.

LRV 996 Mention has been made in the normal pages of this site about Portsmouth's strange habit of having buses in the late 900 series of registrations. LRV 996 is a Titan PD2/12 of 1956, and has Metro-Cammell O59R bodywork. Fleet number is 4.

PDL 491H is actually a few months too young for this site, but I hope that it will pass muster. She is a Bristol LH6L from the Southern Vectis fleet, number 829, and was new in May 1970. She carries NBC livery (sorry, folks!) but look at the front step arrangement. It seems to be an early form of 'accessible' doorway.

EHO 228 is a Guy Arab I from 1942, with Readings H56R body dating from 1955. Preserved in her original operator's livery, she is preserved by First.

The Portsmouth Trio. The three Portsmouth buses are seen together in this view, LRV 996 on the left, RV 6358 in the centre and RV 3411 on the right.

08/08/15 - 06:50

There were quite a few other 'suitable' vehicles present, but I had photographed them previously. The oldest of the 'far too new' crop was a W suffix Bristol VR . . .

Pete Davies




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