Models - Four More

Models - Four More

Here are four more bus models for you to look at, each very different from the other, including two oddities. One is the Chester Foden and the other is a model of one of those ill-fated Accrington Wulfrunians. I thought the livery would make the bus doubly interesting. Sorry one or two details are misaligned, such as the pole on the rear platform of the Southdown I hadn't noticed this particular fault until after I took the shot. Looking at the livery on this vehicle, somebody missed a trick by dumping such a beautiful combination of colours.
Despite being in a display case, glues can deteriorate and let go, the London Transport Trolleybus model clearly illustrates this phenomenon and illustrates why the window side pillars should be glued to the glazing.

David Rhodes


26/04/13 - 11:58

I don't know, David. Scarily accurate and impressive.....

David Oldfield

27/04/13 - 09:51

Very impressive! You're right about the Southdown livery. It must be something of a tribute to the operator and the livery that so many others up and down the country have copied it.

Pete Davies

27/04/13 - 13:20

Tremendous effort, David. I'm very impressed.
I hope that the 'SOUTHDOWN' on the sides was picked out in gold leaf, for complete accuracy!

Chris Hebbron



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