Middlesbrough Corporation - Model Guy Arab IV

Middlesbrough Corporation - Model Guy Arab IV

A few shots of one of my models scratchbuilt in card to a scale of 1/43rd (7mm scale)
This time a 1955 Middlesbrough Corporation Guy Arab IV (6LW) with a Northern Counties double deck body is shown below.
The model was commissioned for a client in Yorkshire.

Completed shell in colour prior to assembly
Painted, lettered and ready to go.


Iain Simms

29/01/12 - 11:07

I think your Og bus models are superb Iian.
Any possibility of some explanatory detail, such as how you get such good "3D" curves in card, and some wheel detail.
I know its not a modelling website, but there must be others like myself, who have spent years modelling buses and trams, and never got results as good as yours.
My efforts have been mainly 4mm scale, and using plastcard as well, but the original modelcraft techniques used only card, balsa etc. as plastic was not available then!

John Whitaker

20/02/12 - 17:24

Not really to do with the above but is model related, I've been working with Kevin Ellis on a list of commercially produced N gauge buses to British outline that we know of. The list has gone on line today at www.modelbuszone.co.uk/
It excludes continental. American and other foreign buses and bespoke individual models such as those by Bill Avery or Rodney Hodges.
It also shows the future releases for both Graham Farish and Oxford Diecast where known. If you can fill in the blanks, add to the list or can circulate the above link that will all help. This is the first time such a list has been made freely available on the internet and is the result of a lot of effort.

Ken Jones



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