Mini Gallery One

Mini Gallery One

FWL 371E fleet number 371 is an AEC Renown 3B2RA from the City Of Oxford Motor Services. She has a Northern Counties H38/27F bodywork and is seen at the Alton Rally on 20 July 2014.

FWC 439H fleet number 1516 is a Bristol RELL6G with the usual ECW B47F bodywork, and dates from December 1969, when she entered service with Eastern National. We see her in the Alton rally on 18 July 2010.

FXT 288 is an early Wartime example of the AEC RT and entered service in May 1940 with the fleet number RT113. The bodywork by LPTB is of the H56R layout. We see her at Wisley on 11 April 2010.

Here are two views of GCD 48, a Leyland Titan TD5 from 1934. The Park Royal body was fitted in 1950 and is of the H54R layout. The first view shows her at Amberley on 21 September 1997, and the second view shows her at Alton on 18 July 2010.
My first view of her - which is not fit for publication - was in June 1974, during an open day at the Royal Navy's School of Engineering, HMS SULTAN, in Gosport - not often one sees a bus aboard a warship!

GFY 406 fleet number 106 is a Leyland Titan PD2/3 from the Southport Corporation fleet. She dates from 1950 and has Leyland's own H30/26R bodywork. Southport Corporation Transport lasted until the town shifted - under considerable protest from the locals - from Lancashire into the new "Merseyside". We see her at Alton on 18 July 2010.

HAC 628D fleet number 62 is a Leyland Leopard L2 with Marshall DP41F bodywork. She joined the Stratford Blue fleet, new, in 1966 and is seen at Alton on 18 July 2010.

GLJ 957 is a Leyland Titan PD1A with ECW L27/26R body, new to Hants & Dorset in 1948. As new, she had the fleet number PD959 but was renumbered as 1145 in 1950. According to the PSVC listing of 2012, she was preserved by someone from Milton Keynes, but she seems to be resident at Winkleigh, where I have seen her on most of my visits.
This view was taken on 7 October 2012.

HAP 985 fleet number 6447 is a Bristol KSW6G and dates from 1953, when she was delivered to Brighton Hove & District. She has an ECW H32/28R body and is preserved by the current manifestation of her original operator. We see her at Amberley on 9 September 2012.


Pete Davies



08/02/16 - 09:12

HAP 985 passed from Brighton & Hove to Seaford & District in December 2013 so is no longer with its original owner. It remains in its B H & D livery.

Nigel Turner

08/02/16 - 10:08

Thanks Nigel for your comment about the BH&D Bristol K, HAP 985. I was not aware that she had changed ownership.

Pete Davies



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