I have found these old photos which might invoke some memories.

David Field

The first is the Bristol factory in the early 60's, I think.

The second I'm guessing would have been taken in Bistol around the same time.

The third has " Dennis Loline III chassis's" written on the back, but where and when I don't know.

Finally a mystery coach. I think it might be a Commer by the radiator and the registration GDL 58 is from Isle of Wight.

25/06/16 - 05:58

GDL58 was a 1949 Commer Commando, new to Holmes, Cowes with a 29 seat Margham body.

David Hick

25/06/16 - 05:58

David, thank you for posting such atmospheric photos. The view of the Bristol Commercial Vehicle works has a typically 'Tilling' feel, and the F-Series Lodekkas date it from 1962 onwards, as the revised grille (shown on the chassis to the left of the picture) was introduced that year.

Brendan Smith

25/06/16 - 08:12

If, and I know it could be a big IF, the Lolines are at a Coachbuilders having been driven there in that "open top" state, (I used to see them leaving Guildford with their drivers seemingly dressed for the Arctic) then perhaps there could be a clue for the experts by identifying the body styling of the upper decks visible behind them.

John Lomas

25/06/16 - 09:09

The Loline Chassis appear to be Mark IIIs, and the buses in the background look like East Lancs bodied Dennis Lance K3s of Aldershot & District. The first Loline IIIs came to A&D in 1961, and the K3S were withdrawn in 1961/62. It seems that the Lolines might have been stored at Aldershot (I doubt that Guildford A&D garage would have had the space) before going on to Alexanders for bodywork. I cannot see any reason why a number of older A&D 'deckers would have been gracing the Dennis works.

Roger Cox

26/06/16 - 06:46

The top picture is in the Chatsworth Road works at Brisligton (where chassis were assembled) rather than the Motor Constructional Works on Bath Road.
The second picture is in the (now built over) Manvers Street bus station in Bath.

Peter Delaney

26/06/16 - 06:47

Perhaps the menbers of the Dennis Soc., some of whom are no doubt ex-employees, can cast a light.

John Lomas

26/06/16 - 06:49

Thank you David F for four lovely pictures, all of happy times indeed. The view of the Lodekka chassis illustrates clearly how low the floor level was, making the rear wheels in the picture look "big." Therein, of course, lay the Lodekka's secret of success in achieving low height with "highbridge" layout - a legend in successful development.

Chris Youhill

06/07/16 - 10:38

Could the Loline III chassis have been parked at Oxford? The other photos I have sent were taken at the same time (I believe) and show Oxford buses in a garage. Also the 2 Bristols at Bath are L type reg no. LHY 966 fleet no. 2292, which my research tells me was based in Bath. However I can't find any record of the K type, which I think has reg no. LHY 378.

Finally does anyone know where this location is..obviously in Southdown territory, but that's all I know.

David Field

09/07/16 - 06:31

The Loline picture was definitely not taken at Oxford. The COMS Lolines were Mark IIs, which had a deeper front panel than the Loline III chassis depicted. Those buses in the background are East Lancs bodied Dennis Lance K3s of Aldershot & District, and I am convinced that the location is the Halimote Road depot.

Roger Cox



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