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PPM 210G is a Bristol RESL6G, new to Brighton Hove & District. At the formation of NBC, fleets were 'rationalised', to use a polite term. BH&D was merged into Southdown, and PPM is seen in Southdown livery, with blinds set for a Portsmouth area service

HDL 25E is another Bristol RESL6G, new to Southern Vectis. Views of her sister 23E have appeared on this site in the past.

NKJ 849P is rather too new for the site. I did get a view of it when I was using slide film, but this is my first capture on digital. It is a Commer KC6055, in use as the FOKAB publicity vehicle and seen in the St Catherine's Park and Ride car park, but new as a community bus.

EHA 424D is unmistakably a BMMO D9. She is only the second D9 I have seen south of Oxford, the other being her sister 415 [seen on this site previously]. She is seen outside Winchester Bus Station.

RTC 822 is a Leyland Titan PD2/12, new to Rawtenstall. In the yard behind Winchester Bus Station, she masquerades as a vehicle from the Scout Motor Services fleet of Preston. Two features show she is not genuine - all the Scout vehicles before the operator was acquired by Ribble had Preston registrations, CK or RN, not Lancashire ones, and she has no aperture for the service number. A good act, though, and congratulations to the good folks responsibe for this work!

KPM 91E is a Bristol FLF6G open topper from Brighton Hove & District. She has just arrived in the yard behind the Bus Station and the driver awaits instruction.

PUF 647. What more needs to be said about this Guy Arab IV? She is where the D9 was earlier.


Pete Davies

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With regard to the 'Scout' vehicle, there is an update to the caption. I had always understood that the operator's vehicles were all registered in Preston, but I found in the Transport Bazaar in Winchester Guildhall a book on Standerwick and Scout. [P & J A Deegan, Venture Publications, 1994] It appears that there were indeed some with Lancashire registrations, being TF 9462 (Titan TD2), STC 887 (Titan PD2) and 398 JTB (Atlantean). These were all former demonstrators, and there were four with Blackpool registrations, on vehicles acquired "used", plus an unidentified Guy charabanc.

Pete Davies



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