Hebble Motor Services Ltd. Halifax Depot

Hebble Motor Services Ltd. Halifax Depot

After the last few galleries regarding bus stations I thought you maybe interested something on the same lines although this time it is a bus depot.

This picture is of the Halifax Depot (from Walnut Street end) of Hebble Motor Services Ltd. These premises were purchased in 1927 to house the expanding fleet.

The picture shows from left Fleet Nos 27 and 26, CCP 225/224. They are Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tigers with Leyland C41C bodies new in 1952 as Nos 54 and 55. They were renumbered in 1957, and were withdrawn in 1964. To the right of them is one of the 4 Bellhouse Hartwell C37C bodied Leyland PSU1/15s. New in 1954 they were given Fleet Nos 71-72, Registered ECP 205-206, and 73-74 Registered ECP 499-500. They were withdrawn in 1966.

There is the rear of another one of the four Bellhouse Hartwell in the far right distance. Also to the left in the far distance can be seen the front of a Harrington C41F bodied AEC Reliance. This would be one of 45-47, MCP 819-821 new in 1960, and withdrawn in 1971. To the right is RWT 553, Fleet No 19 a Bedford SBG with Duple Vega C41F body. Hebble acquired this Coach in 1958 with the business of Walton & Halliwell - Mytholmroyd to whom it was new in 1956. Walton & Halliwell were partly owned by O. & C. Holdsworth, the founders of Hebble, who had re-entered the coaching business. RWT 553 was withdrawn in 1963.


Stephen Howarth


28/05/12 - 08:32

Hmmm . . . from the dates given this could be before or after the reconstruction of the premises in 1961. However, I'd guess that its a view of the reconstructed premises: whatever the facility on the left is, it seems to be quite modern; if we're looking "from the Walnut Street end" we seem to be able to see straight through (with no stores unit intervening, as was the case pre-'61); and the roof all seems to be of the same height.

Philip Rushworth

17/04/15 - 11:30

These two Royal Tigers went to George Wimpey (contractors) and ran out of Duntston and Gateshead to sites in Middlesborough from 1964 to at least 1970, but sadly not one example survives today. Wimpey had at least eight of them running to Wilton ICI some from Whitby, some of them were ex Ribble, my father drove DRN 750.
It's such a pity that none of these top class' coaches were saved from the scrap yard.

Frank Lowe



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