Harper Brothers of Heath Hayes

Harper Brothers of Heath Hayes

Only four photos but I think well worth showing, a few of the vehicles were no longer in service when the shots were taken. My thanks to Mick Bullock for his valuable information which enabled captions to accompany the shots.

Crossley SD42/7 fleet no 14 reg LDE 340 originally with a 1949 Silcox body but rebodied by Harpers in 1959 with a B37F body
and fitted with a Leyland 8.6 litre engine at the same time.

Guy Arab LUF fleet no 58 reg 1292 RE with Willowbrook Viking bodywork purchased in 1959. This vehicle & it's identical sister are being restored in Ireland after use as transport for scout groups.

Guy Arab I fleet no 3 reg HWA 714 this vehicle was bought as a chassis in 1954 and fitted with a
Northern Coachbuilders L27/26R body from an earlier Leyland TS3. The destination is quite novel for a Guy.

From left to right Guy Arab III with Burlingham bodywork, fleet no 35, reg NRE 639, new in May 1947
and disposed of in 1963.
Guy Arab III with Lawton bodywork, fleet no 31, reg JVK 654 new in 1946, rebodied July 1954, and
disposed of in April 1963.
Leyland PS2 with a Harrington C33F body with dorsal fin at the rear fleet no 22, reg LTF 808, new in 1950 and scrapped in 1963. It came to Harpers when they bought the firm of Dunn & Hale of Brownhills.

I do hope you liked the shots and if anyone can fill in any of the question marks, there's only few, I would be very grateful.

Ray Soper

24/08/11 - 12:22

Guy LUF 1292 RE has a Willowbrook Viking body - not Burlingham.
HWA714 is 1943 former Sheffield No 484: Guy Arab I/Park Royal H56R which was withdrawn in 1949

David Oldfield

05/11/11 - 11:26

I worked for Harper Bros from 1961 to 1974 the guy coach above was 1 of a batch of four 1291 RE no 57 1292 RE no 58 had Willowbrook bodies and 1293 RF and 1294 RF had front entrance Burlingham seagull bodies 1294 RF is in restored condition at the Transport Museum Wythall Birmingham.

Don Bradshaw



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