Fleetwood Transport Festival (Tram Sunday) 17 July 2016

Here are some views taken at the Tram Sunday event in Fleetwood. It seems to be usual that there are many more cars, charity stalls and miscellaneous sales stands than there are trams and buses. There was an outbreak of common sense a few years ago, but the old ways seem to be slipping in again, with the trams and several buses pushed into Pharos Street, by the lighthouse. Among the exhibits in North Albert Street was a new Blackpool Enviro 400, number 401, in yet another new livery. Many of the visitors talking to the crew - and the crew agreed! - felt that multiple shades of grey is as bad as the rainbows on wheels of a few years ago. They all seemed to feel that Blackpool's buses should be green and cream.

Pete Davies

I'll start with something which, clearly, is not a bus, but Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad 40 is a 1914 'Box' car. She's in Pharos Street, by the lighthouse. A number of her cousins still operate in almost-daily service on the Isle Of Man.

TUH 7 is an Albion Nimbus NS3M, new to Western Welsh in 1960. Harrington DP30F bodywork is used.

CRN 993 is one of several Leyland Tiger PS2/5 with Burlingham B35F bodywork, new to Ribble in 1950, which went to Southport on withdrawal. Cut down for seafront service, we see her in OB35F layout.

UWH 185 is a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with East Lancs H78F body, new to Bolton in 1963. Indeed, she is listed as Bolton's first Atlantean. We see her making her way along Lord Street, on arrival.

Here's somethng for the "Friends Of Foden". LMA 284 is a PVSC6 dating from 1949, with 1960 C35F body by Lawton. She was new to an operator in Sandbach but is preserved in the markings of R Bullock of Cheadle.

DBN 978 is an all-Crossley SD42/7. She was new to Bolton in 1949 and has appeared on this site before. We see her in Manchester livery, a feature which I recall has prompted some discussion!

ACB 902 is a Guy Arab II with Northern Coachbuilder body, new to Blackburn in 1947. She's parked near Pharos Light. The lady driver was telling visitors how many years ago she passed her test - with Ribble.

GTB 903 is a Leyland Titan PD1 with Leyland H56R body, new to Lytham St Anne's in 1946. She's in Lord Street, taking part in the parade, which included (as always) the lifeboat crew pulling their vessel through the streets.

30/07/16 - 08:23

This is a link to my Tram Sunday Album for this year.

John Lomas



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