Flea Market Find

Flea Market Find

Found on a table was an AEC roundel from a wheel hub. Thought this would be useful in my 'den' as a mat for hot drinks.
Bought for £1, I was intrigued to find on the reverse a sticky label which read 'From the hub of FKY 24 - B.C.P.T. - From Ticker'.
I knew that FKY was a Bradford registration and that B.C.P.T. meant Bradford City Passenger Transport.
With the help of my friend J S King, a well known bus enthusiast and researcher of all things B.C.P.T. my story begins.
Fleet number 24 entered service on 1st January 1950. It was an AEC 9612E Regent series III. Fitted with AEC A208 9.6 litre 6 cylinder engine, preselector, Weymann H30/26R - all metal body, Chassis number 9612E4370. The 40 strong fleet type were later fitted with exhaust brakes, Bus 24 in 1956 and reseated H31/26R.
Cost of each vehicle was £4142-15-0d each.
It was withdrawn on the 31st October 1968 and sent to Autoparts Bingley for breaking up. This was probably where Ticker worked.

Roy Dodsworth

AEC Roundel

AEC Roundel with Tickers label affixed

Taken on 6th April 1957 - Bus 24 - on Canterbury Avenue, service 61 to Bank Top. Also in picture are trolley bus wires and a Vauxhall Velox saloon. Hammonds Guards Ale, a local brew is advertised.

Taken on 18th July 1959 near to Thornbury tram shed. Tram 104 is seen leaving the depot with - Bus 24 - picking up passengers in Leeds Road. 5 spotters are seen on the footpath watching events.

Taken on 29.9.62 at Leeds Road bottom upon the resumption of normal running following the temporary closure of Hall lngs and Bridge Street Bradford. Bus 24 is seen to the left departing on service 90 to Stanningley. Also identified to the right is Bus 34 on service 52 to Tyersal. This has Crawford's cream crackers advertising. I cannot identify the other 3 buses.

A fine coloured photograph of Bus 24 on Service 11 to Queensbury. It is on Great Horton Road, beginning the steep climb to Queensbury which is just over 1000 feet above sea level.

Pictures 1 & 2 Roy Dodsworth Collection
Pictures 3 4 & 5 J S King collection.
Picture 6 Old Bus Photos.

21/10/11 - 15:01

The 18th July 1959 shot shows the Tram on the short length of track which was used to allow this the sole survivor of the Bradford tram fleet to run under its own power it is now in the Bradford Industrial Museum. The other buses in the 1962 shot are an ex London RT one of a number owned by Bradford and also (just) an East Lancs bodied Aec Regent III with cooncealed radiator

Chris Hough

21/10/11 - 16:40

Thanks to Chris Hough for solving the tram with no rails poser on one of the photographs. I have been asked a number of times but had no idea. Many thanks

Roy Dodsworth

21/10/11 - 16:42

I wondered where the tram lines were, was the short streach just so they could keep it moving every now and then

Trevor Knowls



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