East Kent Road Car Co Ltd

East Kent Road Car Co Ltd

Another set of photos from the album.

Roy Dodsworth

Registration CJG 948 was a 1947 Leyland Titan PD1A with Leyland L27/26R bodywork.

Registration EFN 570 was a 1950 Dennis Falcon P3 with, originally a Dennis B20F body, it was reseated to B25F in 1956 then reseated again to B29F in 1959.

Registration PFN 870 was a 1959 AEC Regent V 2LD3RA with Park Royal FH40/32F bodywork.

Registration TFN 412 was a 1960 AEC Reliance 2MU3RV with Park Royal DP41F bodywork.

Registration MFN 945F was a 1967 AEC Regent V 3D3RA with Park Royal H40/32F bodywork.



07/01/16 - 06:25

What a super collection of photographs. I never knew East Kent in its BET days but this gallery shows just how individualistic the BET Group Companies were in vehicle purchasing policy.

Ian Wild

07/01/16 - 11:40

Lovely pictures Roy depicting a fascinating and proud Company serving a lovely coastal area of "The Garden of England" as the county is often known. East Kent had a classic simple but rich and dignified livery and fleetnames of an appeal which is sadly lacking in today's "marketing consultant" led times. If I recall, wasn't East Kent one of those companies who delighted me with an unexpected treat - prewar Leyland TD4s/TD5s rebodied postwar by ECW - a classic combination which looked right in every detail. The East Yorkshire "Beverly Bar" examples were just too good to be true - Utopia.
Still in Kent, neighbouring Maidstone and District had a totally different character but were equally delightful in dignity and excellence.

Chris Youhill



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