Crewe Station Forecourt

Crewe Station Forecourt

Crosville fleet number DLB740 registration VFM 605 a 1955 Bristol Lodekka LD6B with ECW H60R body

Crosville fleet number DLB771 registration XFM 182 a 1955 Bristol Lodekka LD6B with ECW H60R body

Here is a couple photos of Crosville Lodekka’s at the remodelled Crewe station forecourt modernised as part of the West Coast modernisation of the rail route. I used these buses regularly as I travelled to school by train from Crewe to Stoke-on-Trent daily on them.
My direct service was the K 12 Mablin’s Lane to Crewe Station but the photos show Crewe Station services between Underwood Lane via Lion & Swan K 24 route and K 19 Queens Park services.
Buses ran from Crewe Station every 10 minutes to Crewe bus station then on to various destinations. I also used the K 14 service from Crewe bus station to Sydney using L type half cabs due to a low bridge on the route. This model had a rear manual sliding door. Occasionally a newer MW flat front bus but with Crosville coach seating was used a common mixed usage design used by this operator but in bus green/cream livery.
These type were still in use when I left school in 1967. Crewe depot had a mixture of Bristol single deckers too mainly L half cabs and LS and MW type single deckers. Later there was also a green FLF (I think that is the correct class) which I occasionally used on a Sunday K 12 service a very comfortable bus with automatic folding front doors.
I also used to travel in the summer to Chester on what became the C 84 route, originally on K types then later Lodekka’s and once on a cream coach liveried front door L type half cab which was very fast indeed.

Patrick McDermott

12/01/13 - 16:49

I was watching a DVD a few days ago, relating to activities on the other side of the fence. Even that shows activity over 10 years old! Given that the buses date the photos to after 1955, and Patrick left school in 1967, I'd guess these views show the situation in about 1961 or 1962. Any other bids?

Pete Davies



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