HCVS Charabanc Trip 2011

HCVS Charabanc Trip 2011

In late August 35 members of Historic Commercial Vehicle Society Yorkshire set off on a mystery tour to visit private collections of 3 HCVS members. This was organised by Peter Seaword who drove the charabanc. I keep using the word ’charabanc' as it has been deleted from the new issue of the Oxford English Dictionary apparently due to lack of usage!

Roy Dodsworth

Just click on the photo below to launch the gallery then click the play button it is a bit slow to start but it will, by the way putting your mouse pointer over the shot will pause the show.

15/10/11 - 16:03

What an absolutly facinating gallery Roy thanks for sharing it with us, all those varid and interesting vehicles and to see them all in one day, I would of had trouble absorbing it all. Thanks again

Trevor Knowls

16/10/11 - 06:37

Thank you for that excellent set of pictures and how good to know that so many early vehicles are safely preserved. Thank goodness for all the skilled enthusiasts who are around to save them!

Richard Leaman

21/10/11 - 16:35

My lack of geographical knowledge has been exposed. When researching JP 7538 I discovered the vehicle was new to Liptrot of Platt Bridge, which is also described as Bamfurlong. I looked on Google and saw an entry for Bamfurlong was in Gloucestershire hence my incorect data. It is in fact near Wigan in Lancashire, hence JP 7538 which is a Wigan registration number. I will ask Peter to change the caption on the photograph.

Roy Dodsworth



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