Buses Abroad

Buses Abroad

Here are a few of my old bus photos taken on my travels abroad to right hand drive countries please feel free to add any information you can.



This Regal is still about in Oz somewhere. I saw it in recent years, but haven't kept any notes!


Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

This is ex-LT TD97, seeing out its life as a flat-bed road-roller transporter, the poor old thing, in Colombo in 1968, where I saw loads of ex-LT runners, but photographed only a couple.

Here is one of them a RTW, unfortunatly they were all ill-used and maintained as only the Singhalese can - which is to say, they can make a dead duck quack!



This Daimler was new to Nairobi, it is seen in this sorry state in 1973.



I shot the two Bristols above in 1977. I suspect the Gardener engines were known to a million junk owners as a reliable sea-going engine, and these old nails, fitted with the same, were just the ticket for landside, too. No historic details, I'm afraid....

Seen in Macao in 1977 in such good order, it can only just have arrived from provincial England! Interesting single decker next to it though.

Also seen in 1977 this Daimler, do you think it might be ex-HK??? and I know nothing again about the Leyland single decker next door.


New Zealand

I saw this Bristol in Rotarua, New Zealand a few years ago, clearly much loved, and still working for tourist rides.

It was driven out there by some young adventurers this newspaper cutting adds info.
Over to the members for history! - - (Ctrl + to zoom in Ctrl 0 back to normal)


Victor Brumby

24/02/12 - 17:13

Macao 1977 - Looks a little like a 1958 Ribble PD3/Burlingham with part of its full front hacked off to make a half cab.

David Oldfield

25/02/12 - 14:22

The New Zealand bus is a Bristol KSW5G/ECW, withdrawn by Wilts & Dorset in 1967. It was certainly in New Zealand in 1973/74. It must have been a short working, because, according to the blind, New York was the destination! The bus now sports a ‘Gardner120’ badge on its bonnet! It says much for build quality that it got there. Though not my favourite chassis make, it would be my top choice for a trip such this in those times, but with a 6LW engine! Wonderful that it still survives.
Thx for the wonderful pics.

Chris Hebbron

25/02/12 - 17:27

Macao: I'd go for another CVG6 after reconstruction surgery: look at the number of common features on the two pics. Still on hinged doors, too.


26/02/12 - 11:37

Macau pictures. All four photos show buses of Fok-Lei aka Macau Bus Service.

Photo 1 is tow-car M-12-09, which was bus number L104. This is a Bristol L5G which had an ECW B33D body before being cut down. It was new to Eastern Counties as LL46 (CVF850) being sold to Lincolnshire RCC as number 2069 in 1956 and exported to Macau in 1957.

Photo 2. I can't read the registration, but if you post it, I shall try to identify its origins.

Photo 3 is a number PD207 (M-87-62), a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Burlingham H41/31F body new to Ribble as 1603 (LCK766), expoted to Macau in 01/1975. Although the heat generated by the engine in a full-width cab may have been a luxury in NW England, I guess it was too much for the climate in the far east. Alongside looks like LS138 (M-58-23) a Bristol LS5G with ECW B43D body ex West Yorkshire RCC EUG57 (RWW982) exported to Macau in 1972.

Photo 4 is number CV201 (M-87-56), a Daimler CVG6-30 with East Lancs H41/32F body new to Bolton as 143 (PBN661), then SELNEC 6643, exported to Macau in 1975. Alongside is VK2 (M-85-80) a 1975 Albion Viking EVK55CL with Union Auto B43D body.

Dave Farrier

Thanks Dave you got all the registrations correct and Photo 2 registration is M - 14 - 18

27/02/12 - 14:22

Photo 2 was L130 (M-14-18) a 1950 Bristol L5G with ECW B33D body new to Bristol O.C. as number 2464 (MHW999), later numbered C2766, which was exported to Macau in 1966.

Dave Farrier

28/02/12 - 08:14

MACAU - PHOTO 1 – M-12-09 – LL46/CVF846 was a 1939 Bristol L5G, that is with a Gardner 5LW engine. She had a 35 seat ECW body (altered to have 31 seat perimeter style during the war). Renumbered to LL546 in 1946 and then sold to Lincolnshire in June 1954, it survived until August 1957, before being sold to Ben Jordan of Coltishall, although no confirmation of its arrival at the yard was noted. There is a discrepancy with seating/registration. In the latter regard, Eastern National had a habit of matching fleet/registration marks at that time.

Chris Hebbron

23/01/13 - 14:38

A nice selection of photos from abroad. However, I think the Kenya photo of bus 152 derelict shows a Guy Arab IV with Park Royal body, ex-Kenya Bus Services.

Ian Lynas

28/02/16 - 08:40

The AEC Regal you have at the top of this page now resides in Orange, NSW. I have been restoring it for the last 5 years. You are more than welcome to have a look at the web page.

Norman Julian

28/02/16 - 15:26

What an interesting selection, and thanks for posting. The Macau views had me puzzled. It was Portuguese, before being returned to "Mainland China" at about the same time as Hong Kong. The few Portuguese buses I have seen have been left had drive, but these are clearly right handers. Perhaps Macau was more independent than Hong Kong was!

Pete Davies

29/02/16 - 06:14

She's looking very chipper, Norman. It's the Leyland next, I suppose.

Chris Hebbron



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