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The pictures below were taken in 1969/70, and, unless otherwise stated, are set against the somewhat brutalist backcloth of the Birmingham Bull Ring and its environs.
The detailed information about the vehicles has been gleaned from the comprehensive Midland Red website:-


Roger Cox

C2, Duple C26C, upseated to C30C in 1954, KHA 353, no. 3353 of 1950, withdrawn from service in May 1966. It is seen on the HCVC Brighton Rally in 1970. Sadly, this vehicle no longer survives.

D7, Metro Cammell H32/26RD, upseated to H37/26RD in 1955, THA 153, no. 4153 delivered in July 1954 and withdrawn in August 1970.

D7, Metro Cammell H37/26RD, XHA 473, no. 4473 delivered in February 1956 and withdrawn in November 1970. This picture was taken in Shrewsbury.

D7, Metro Cammell H37/26RD, XHA 492, no. 4492 delivered in April 1956 and withdrawn in February 1971.

D7, Metro Cammell H37/26RD, 745 BHA, no. 4745 delivered in March 1957 and withdrawn in April 1972

S15, Carlyle DP40F, 646 AHA, no. 4646 delivered in August 1957. During October/November 1957 this bus was loaned to Maidstone & District. It returned to BMMO service and was withdrawn in October1970.

D9, Carlyle (i.e BMMO in house) H40/32RD, 861 KHA, no. 4861 delivered in April 1960 and withdrawn in April 1971 following accident damage.

D9, Carlyle H40/32RD, AHA 383B, no. 5383 delivered in September 1964 and withdrawn in March 1976.

BMMO Class DD11, Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX, AlexanderH44/33F, 5259 HA, no. 5259 delivered in April 1963 and fitted for OPO in December 1969. This vehicle passed to the West Midlands PTE in December 1973 and was withdrawn in December 1977.

BMMO Class LS18A, Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R, Willowbrook DP48F, 5177 HA, no. 5177 delivered in April 1963. The 'A' suffix denoted 'dual purpose', and when reseated to B53F in May 1971, the class designation became LS18. This vehicle passed to the West Midlands PTE in December 1973 and was subsequently reseated to B51F. It was withdrawn in March 1978.

BMMO Class LS18A, Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R, Willowbrook DP48F, 5182 HA, no. 5182 delivered in May 1963. Reseated to B53F in April 1971 and redesignated LS18. It was withdrawn in June 1980.

BMMO Class LC7, Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R, Duple C49F, CHA 90C, no. 5790 delivered in August 1965. From December 1972 to February 1973 it was loaned to City of Oxford. It returned to BMMO service, and, upon withdrawal in March 1976, it passed to Western Welsh for spares.

S21, Carlyle DP49F, reseated to B51F for OPO in January 1971, LHA 878F, no. 5878 delivered in October 1967 and withdrawn in June 1980. It is thought that this vehicle still exists, though unrestored. The front grille design of the S21 has prompted strong opinions ranging from 'attractive' to 'execrable' - I am in the latter category.

S22, Carlyle DP45F MHA 902F, no. 5902 delivered in July 1968. This vehicle passed to the West Midlands PTE in December 1973 and was withdrawn in April 1976.



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