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Here are some pictures from an old album I recently acquired. I hope they are of interest to you.

Victor Brumby

BHH 798 seen here with A A Motor Services Ltd a Daimler CVD6 with a Roe H31/25R body. It was new in 1946 to Blair & Palmer, Carlisle.

MDM 626 Lloyds, Bagillt, Flintshire a Guy Arab IV with a Massey H33/29RD body new in 1955.

HDK 704 Rochdale Corporation fleet number 4 an AEC Regal IV 9821E with an East Lancs B44F body new in 1951.

EO 8795 seen here with Clyde Coast Services Ltd a Crossley DD42/4 with a Crossley H32/26R body. It was new in 1948 to Barrow Corporation has their 108.

EN 9180 Bury Corporation fleet number 149 a Guy Wolf with a Barnard B20F body new in 1948.

JDC 223 Middlesbrough Corporation fleet number 23 a Guy Arab IV 6LW with a Northern Counties L27/28R body new in 1958.

CCN 169 Gateshead & District fleet number 69 a Leyland Titan PD2/1 with a Leyland H30/26R body new in 1951.



07/10/16 - 16:24

CCN 169: This was one of 37 of these magnificent beasts ordered by Gateshead & District and delivered in 1951 as replacements for the tram fleet. CCN 136/172 - 36/72; 36 to 58 were PD2/3 and 59/72 PD2/1. The 76 varients were usually found operating on routes into Newcastle that crossed the rather narrow High Level Bridge. I believe that some of the batch were delivered in Northern livery, and never actually entered service with G&D.

Ronnie Hoye

07/10/16 - 17:03

Roy, CCN 169 vehicle was aquired in 1964 by Northern General has their 2084. BLotW have seating as H30/26R but BBF 10 North of England have it has H32/26R, Hey Ho.


08/10/16 - 05:56

Ooh, nice! Thank you, Victor, for posting.

Pete Davies

09/10/16 - 11:01

Something I forgot to add. Up to the first Atlanteans, unlike the rest of the NGT Group, all buses new to G&D had a Newcastle Corporation style front destination layout, presumably a throw back to the trams. Joint cross Tyne services started in 1923 via the High Level Bridge, and were further expanded with the opening of the Tyne Bridge in 1928. From 1935 onwards, trams in Newcastle were gradually replaced by trolleybuses, the programme was due for completion by 1943, but was interrupted by the war, and it was 1951 before the trams finally disappeared. Not all the NCT tram routes were converted to trolleybuses, unlike the trams, trolleybuses never ran south of the Tyne. In fact the only trolleybus routes that extended beyond the City boundaries, were those that ran to Gosforth and Wallsend. and all joint service tram routes south of the Tyne were now operated by buses, hence I suspect the destination layout.

Ronnie Hoye



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