Bus, Trolleybus and Tram Routes of Kingston upon Hull Corporation, Predecessors and Successors. 1899 to 1986 - Contents

Bus, Trolleybus and Tram Routes of Kingston upon Hull Corporation
Predecessors and Successors. 1899 to 1986





Chapter One   -   Anlaby Road

Chapter Two   -   Beverley Road

Chapter Three   -   Dansom Lane

Chapter Four   -   Hedon Road

Chapter Five   -   Hessle Road

Chapter Six   -   Holderness Road

Chapter Seven   -   Prince’s Avenue and Newland Avenue

Chapter Eight   -   Spring Bank West

Chapter Nine   -   Stoneferry Road

Chapter Ten   -   Sutton (Via Holderness Road)

Chapter Eleven   -   Bransholme Special Services

Chapter Twelve   -   Inner Circle

Chapter Thirteen   -   Outer Circle

Chapter Fourteen   -   Pier & Miscellaneous

Chapter Fifteen   -   Dual Licence Services

Chapter Sixteen   -   Road Service Licences

Chapter Seventeen   -   Inter-Licence Transfers

Chapter Eighteen   -   Route Identification

Chapter Nineteen   -   Destination Indicators

Chapter Twenty   -   Night and Sunday Morning Services

Chapter Twenty One  -   Extra Journeys

Chapter Twenty Two  -   Limited Stop Services

Chapter Twenty Three  -   Circular Bus Services

Chapter Twenty Four  -   The 1934 Co-ordination Agreement with EYMS

Chapter Twenty Five  -   The 1981 Operating Agreement

Chapter Twenty Six  -   Post-War Timetable Booklets & Leaflets

Chapter Twenty Seven  -   The 1981 Operating Agreement

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

13/12/11 - 11:03

Can I express my thanks for Keith's superb treatise on Hull's transport history. If these first installments are indicative of the entire project, then this is indeed a magnificent work worthy of publication. Dare I ask if there will be any photographs and maps to accompany the chapters?

Paul Haywood

26/12/11 - 19:16

So we are at Chapter 4 and apparently there are another 20 or so to come, I am surprised a specialist publisher has not stepped in for this excellent piece of work.
Well done Keith.

Trevor Knowles

24/09/14 - 07:05

Have you any idea why a trolley bus (No 34) would be stabled in Wheeler Street depot with 66 on the blinds? Was this some temporary route perhaps? There is a 63 behind it!
Many thanks for your copious notes on all the routes. Much appreciated them.

Paul Rusling

25/09/14 - 06:41

The garage is actually Cottingham Road and the photograph was taken by Les Storry who was an enthusiast and foreman there.
The 66 blind is the wartime large number blind that replaced the 62A pre-war blind. There was a stock of old pre-war and wartime blinds at the garage and Les would fit one to a trolleybus (usually a Crossley) and take a photograph thus keeping a very good record for posterity. Les took over 1000 photos of trolleybuses alone over a twenty-plus year period and was a great source of information when I was researching for my Hull trolleybus history.
He is sadly missed.

Malcolm J Wells




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