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Dan Air – Bedford SB – YXA 372

YXA 372

Dan Air (Londen)
Bedford SB8
Duple C41F

Here is a view of YXA 372, to complement HDA 554E posted a while ago. YXA is another relegated to "staff bus" duties with Dan Air, and seen at Lasham. The layout of the indicators suggests very strongly that she started life with Grey Green or an associated company. She was photographed in January 1976. I apologise for the fact that a van is blocking, but I couldn’t get a better angle.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

02/01/14 – 08:29

This Bedford was new to Fallowfield and Britten in 1960 and seated 41 in a front entrance body.

Chris Hough

02/01/14 – 08:30

Despite appearances, the paint on coach and van is green! It’s a "dud" slide from that point of view. I don’t recall the make.

Pete Davies

02/01/14 – 09:31

Pete. I don’t think it’s so much a dud slide as a dull green – almost mat – and you probably couldn’t have made much more of it anyway. It would be interesting to know exactly how many Leyland/Bedfords there were? It seems that, for what they were, the Leyland powered Bedfords were well thought of. Were they, in the main, big groups like Grey-Green?
PS: SB8 Leyland 330 [same size as SB5 Bedford 330]
SB13 Leyland 370 [same size as Albion Victor VK21L]
VAL14 & VAM 14 Leyland 400 [Tiger Cub and Bristol LH]

David Oldfield

02/01/14 – 11:32

The shade of green on the slide isn’t that far removed from the shade of mud green employed by Dan Air Engineering for their vehicles.

Phil Blinkhorn

02/01/14 – 17:34

I know that many Bedford TK lorries had Leyland engines.

Jim Hepburn

03/01/14 – 08:15

Apparently those in the know could distinguish the SB8 from the SB1 by inspecting the headlamps, as it had 24-volt electrics rather than 12. So it’s possible that there were other differences, making the Leyland-engined model into more of a premium product.

Peter Williamson

03/01/14 – 12:10

I never personally came across an SB1; it must have been a slug with its Bedford 300 diesel. The SB3 was far more common with its smooth and quiet petrol version of the Bedford 300. It was the smooth, quiet and fairly lively running of the petrol OB which endeared it to so many people. The SB3 was (almost) the last gasp of this "technology" and was very popular with small independent operators. There was a VAM3 – but I’m only aware that Salopia operated any of them. Petrol was becoming passe and very expensive compared with diesel operation even though – big AECs and Leylands apart – they were slow, noisy and smelly.

David Oldfield

06/03/15 – 16:14

To David Oldfield, I am 99% certain that the Bedford SB8 had a Leyland 350 engine, not a 330. The Bedford SB featured in most operators fleets at some time. I have always liked them.



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