BVBG the Bristols

BVBG the Bristols

For this gallery I’ve put together a collection of buses produced by “Bristol” and seen at the recent BVBG running day in August. I hope you enjoy them. Comments are always welcome.

Ken Jones

FAE 60 is a L5G single decker from 1938 converted to a lorry in 1952 and a tower wagon in 1956. Original fleet number was Bristol 2086. It is seen arriving at the A4 Park & Ride.

GHT 127 dates from 1941 and is one of the BVBG most popular vehicles. It was running the shuttle between the Park & Ride and Flowers Hill along with other vehicles. It’s been on loan to BVBG since 2003 and is restored in the 1950s livery it carried as Brighton, Hove & District 992..

LHT 911 is privately preserved as Bristol Tramways 2388, and is a Bristol L originally dating from 1948 but has had engine and body changes since then. It is seen in service and looks pretty full to me.

924 AHY is a 1958 Bristol MW5G and is part of The Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection restored to 1960s appearance.

HHY 186D is a 1966 Bristol Lodekka FLF and spent much of its working life in Swindon as SN7283 but preserved as Bristol C7283.

KLJ 749 was new to Hants & Dorset in 1950. It is a Bristol LL6G with unusual Portsmouth Aviation Body and is owned by two members of the BVBG.

972 EHW is a 1959 Bristol LD6B Lodekka and is part of The Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection. A complete restoration has taken place over the last few years to full class 6 MOT. The vehicle has spent much of the last year on hire to “Crosville Motor Services” based at Weston Super Mare for use at weddings etc

862 RAE is a1962 Bristol SUS4A. I personally would put the SU as my favourite single decker and in doing so I realise this statement opens a can of worms. Sadly only a handful of SUS have been preserved and 2 were at this event.

GHT 154 is a 1940 Bristol K5G, which in 1954 became a showman’s van when he removed the upper deck and stairs. Purchased in 1973 by the BVBG and rebuilt and repainted to the original blue and white pre-war Bristol Tramways colours.

891 VFM is one of two open top Lodekkas in service during the event. Supplied in 1962 to Crosville Motor Services Ltd, in 2011 it joined the fleet of “Crosville Motor Services” based at Weston Super Mare. It was converted to open top in 1977.

LHY 976 is a 1949 Bristol L5G and is one of the two door Bristol L types unique to the Bristol City Operations of the 1940s and early 1950s. It is part of The Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection.

UHY 384, JHT 802, OHY 938 are respectively Bristol KSW6G, Bristol K6A, Bristol KSW6B and date from 1955, 1946, and 1952. I make no apology for liking these vehicles as they remind me of growing up with Western National Ks in Taunton. These 3 are seen at rest after they had finished their rotas for the day. All are part of The Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection.


23/09/12 - 19:58

Thanks Ken, for the Bristol gallery collection, which I greatly enjoyed.
There is something about Bristol buses! Something about "no nonsense", and "rugged simplicity".
I cannot explain why, but they are real favourites of mine, and I reckon to be mainly a fan of electric traction!
Probably something to do with all those active memories of West Yorkshire Road Car Co which I hold so dear! It only takes one photo of such a bus, especially the pre-Lodekka era, to activate all those memories!
Ah Well!

John Whitaker

15/02/14 - 13:49

I've just been looking at your collection, Ken, which brought back many happy memories. I did not realise that JHT 802 had survived, as I don't believe that I have ever seen a photo of it elsewhere.

Ian L Jamieson



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