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Leicester City Council – Karrier Q25 – PBC 734

Leicester City Council - Karrier Q25 - PBC 734

Leicester City Council
Karrier Q25
Readings C14F

PBC 734 was new to Leicester City Council in 1956. It is a Karrier Q25 with Readings C14F body. If the note in the PSVC listing for 2012 is correct, it did not join the Transport Department, so was it some form of welfare vehicle or school bus? It’s 15 July 2001, a soggy day in Lord Street, Fleetwood, where it is visiting the Tram Sunday event.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Pete Davies

20/10/16 – 06:15

We all know what people mean when they describe a certain generation of minibuses from a certain manufacturer as ‘bread vans’, but this looks like an ice cream van to me.
Mind you, not bad looking for a tiddler.

David Wragg

20/10/16 – 06:17

Not sure what Leicester City Council originally used it for but the Coventry Museum acquired it in 1980 as a donation from the Leicester & County Mission for the Deaf. It was restored in its original livery by the Museum workshops in 1988.

John Wakefield

20/10/16 – 09:18

The vehicle was taxed regularly until the cessation of the Coventry Festival of Motoring in 2014 and is stored in their vehicle overflow storage unit that formed part of the now closed Coventry Transport Sandy Lane Garage

Roger Burdett


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